Genelia DSouza Gives Glimpse Of Her Vegan Sinful Indulgences – See Pic

Genelia D’Souza is a proud vegan and there’s no doubt about that! Wondering what is she up to these days? Well, on a fine weekday morning, Genelia has shared an Instagram Story that screams chocolate from miles away. From chocolate balls to a chocolate fountain, the table has it all. At the end, Genelia finally pans the camera and shows herself giving a thumbs up to the treasure trove of chocolates. Overwhelmed with the sweet spread, Genelia added a note that read, “I feel everyone in their own way is working towards a plant-based lifestyle whether vegan or not. Like, right here, such a vast variety of vegan dairy-free chocolates.” She also used the hashtags “Cruelty-free” and “Collecting good karma.”       

Take a look:

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If Genelia D’Souza‘s food story appealed to your sweet tooth, then we have a surprise for you. Find below a list of some drool-worthy chocolate desserts that you can prepare at home. There is one vegan option as well for all those who prefer plant-based diet.

1. Gooey chocolate pudding

If you don’t know how to prepare elaborate sweet treats, and yet wish to gorge on something sweet, we assure you this recipe will come to your rescue. Gooey chocolate pudding with a crisp and crunchy top tastes well. Serve it with whipped cream, ice cream or you can also go for hot chocolate sauce.

2. Rich and moist chocolate cake

When we talk about sweet delights, the first thing that comes to mind is a cake. Do you agree? Well, yes, this rich and moist chocolate cake is everything you need to treat your sweet tooth. It’s gooey, mushy and basically, a sumptuous treat that you just can’t afford to miss.  

3. High chocolate pastry

Pastries are a great option to binge on the days when you crave sweet dishes. A high chocolate pastry consists of about six layers of chocolate cream decorated with chocolate crumbs. It’s a must-try recipe if you are a sucker for chocolates.    

4. Vegan chocolate ice cream

Your choice of being a vegan should not restrict you from indulging in rich and chocolaty delights. So, allow a scoop of scrumptious vegan chocolate ice cream to tingle your tastebuds. It carries the goodness of bananas and almonds along with other quintessential ingredients.    

5. Chocolate oat fondant

Who said your sweet treat cannot be healthy? We have given a nice makeover to this classic French delicacy with some oats. It’s a beautiful dish prepared with just a few ingredients. So, if you want to keep things delicious and easy, just go for this recipe.   

Make all these unique chocolaty desserts at home and treat your family and friends to some good food.  

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