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KATHMANDU, August 23: The 6th International Trade Fair organized by the Federation of Women’s Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal (FWEAN) has been successfully concluded. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba inaugurated the 6th International Trade Fair on Thursday at the Heritage Garden in Lalitpur.

According to the federation, there was a turnover of nearly Rs 20 million in the trade fair and about 40,000 people visited the fair. The fair was concluded with Minister for Industry and Commerce Dilendra Prasad Badu as the chief guest.

Chief guest Badu emphasized that such programs should be continued. He said that this business fair proved that women entrepreneurs can do anything they want. Minister Badu urged the FWEAN to connect more hidden enterprises of women entrepreneurs and said that similar fairs should be organized in all seven provinces. He said that the exhibition hall at Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu is not being used properly, adding that if the exhibition hall can be organized permanently, it would be best for holding such fairs. He said that the government will also take initiatives for the management of the exhibition hall.

Shova Gyawali, the first vice president of FWEAN, said that the 6th International Trade Fair has provided ample opportunities for production and sales to national and international women entrepreneurs. According to her, the federation has been running the trade fair with the belief that it will work as a platform to build a network among women entrepreneurs, provide exchange of skills and knowledge, and encourage production.

According to Gyawali, FWEAN has been successfully organizing the International Women’s Business Fair since 2016 with the slogan ‘Eat Local Wear Local and Encourage Local Entrepreneurship’.

The federation has prepared to move forward by creating a common place for the display of materials produced by women entrepreneurs, promoting and selling them, encouraging the use of online marketing, promoting local products to the international market, and coordinating the provision of services with new concepts among women entrepreneurs around the world.

Sharad Vikram Rana, executive director of the Trade and Export Promotion Center (TEPC) under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, said that the five-day fair succeeded in reducing the country’s trade deficit and promoting entrepreneurship. He emphasized that similar fairs should be held not only in Kathmandu but also in the remote villages.

The special guest of the closing ceremony, Dr Marco Gemmer, Head of Cooperation from the EU Delegation to Nepal, appreciated the management of the trade fair. He said that colorful handicrafts made by women entrepreneurs should be exported abroad. He said that the participation of women in the field of entrepreneurship is increasing and should increase even more.

FWEAN honored the best women entrepreneurs of the trade fair with letters of appreciation and awards. Dang has become the first among the best stalls within the district. Similarly, Dhanusha stall was in second place and Tanahun district stall in third place. Khushiyali Silver House is among the best stalls in handicraft production. Rolling Bazaar became the best stall for agro. In the same way, Khajuri Khadya Udyog stall was ranked among the best in terms of food.

Neeru Rayamajhi Khatri, president of FWEAN, thanked all those who helped for the success of the fair and congratulated all the women entrepreneurs for the success of the fair.

In the fair, there were 14 stalls for agricultural products, 28 stalls for display of handicraft products, eight stalls for trade and services, four stalls for special festivals, five stalls for food, five stalls for international women entrepreneurs, and 25 stalls for district women entrepreneurs. There were a total of 109 stalls including 12 stalls for disabled entrepreneurs and eight stalls for Mithila Art.

Women entrepreneurs from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, France, America and other countries participated in the fair. Small and medium women entrepreneurs from all over the country, traders to women exporters as well as international women entrepreneurs also participated in the fair.

In the fair, stalls of handicrafts, natural fiber products, dhaka, handmade paper products, organic food, domestic and foreign food dishes, agricultural products, floral materials, herbs, jewelry, decorative items and various service providers were put on display.

According to FWEAN, the fair was organized with the aim of developing the domestic market and promoting the export of goods and handicrafts made in Nepal. The federation has been playing the role of creating a sustainable identity in the national and international markets by bringing forward the products, skills and creations of the districts of the seven provinces.

FWEAN, which is working as a representative organization of women entrepreneurs across Nepal, was established on July 11, 2003. Since its inception, the federation has been doing various activities for the development and promotion of women entrepreneurs in an inclusive manner. In addition to lobbying and advocating for the economic and social empowerment of women, FWEAN has stated that it has been strongly advocating women entrepreneurs’ various questions and concerns to ensure the rights of women entrepreneurs in the policy-making and decision-making process at the national and international levels.

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