Retired Nurse Advises On Healthy Living Through Natural Food

1 A retired Chief  Nursing Officer, Mrs Oge Agu, has advised Nigerians to take more of organic food because of  its high level of nutrients.

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2 Agu, who retired in 2012 from the Medical Centre , College of Education, Nsugbe in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN) on Tuesday in Akwa.
According to her, nutrients deposited in organic food contain more healthy benefits than what is obtainable in non organic food.

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3 Agu said that it was very important that people should develop personal hygiene for long active life, and eating natural foods for longevity.

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4 Agu quoted  an old adage that says you are what you eat to buttress her claims.

5 She added that this meant that most diseases  that affect man were due to either nutritional deficiency or excess of one type of nutrient or the other in the body.

6 The health official noted that good and balanced diet were usually derived from natural fruits.

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8 “Hippocrates , the father of modern medicine,  said may your food be your medicine and may your medicine be your food, which means that daily food intake of people contains curative properties.

Agu added that scientific evidence had recently shown that some nutrients in our diets were agents that caused or cured certain diseases in the body.

10 “The Biblical statement that life comes from tree supports  the fact that humans should eat much fruits and vegetables for a healthy living.

11 “God said I give you every seed –bearing plant on the face of the  whole earth and every tree that has  fruits with seed in it, they will be yours for food.

12 Genesis  1 verse 29” she said.

13 According to her, it has been  scientifically proven that human blood is structurally  the same as  plant blood called chlorophyll.

14 She said that was the reason people of old relied more on natural sources of food and lived healthier and longer life than people of new age despite  the availability of medical care.

15 Agu urged people to eat more of  fruits and vegetable despite the economic hardship that was making people to complain that fruits and vegetables are costly in the market
She said that it was a true statement but still advised the public to always eat fruits during the seasons that they are always available  and within their economic means.

16 “ We can cultivate more fruits and vegetables in gardens of our homes instead of planting  more flowers as they will add more life to our lives and eating these organic foods will help us,” saying, “prevention is better than cure,”
She noted that the incidence of sudden death in the society was on the rise, saying “most times  an individual  may stop in the middle of his daily activities  only to slump and die.

17 “ Most times, the causes of such deaths are due to excessive blood cholesterol with its numerous implications, wrong feeding pattern and general lack of exercise, which contribute to high level  of cholesterol  in the blood.

18 “ The modern era of Western lifestyle has contributed to this wide spread of  clinical conditions; unless the present trend in people’s life changes, there will be an alarming increase in cardiovascular diseases  in the next decade because of the growing cases of obesity among the  entire human population.

19 “Cholesterol is one of the major food nutrients that constitute the components of all body cells which is a major class of lipids which is manufactured by all animal cells as plant cells do not manufacture cholesterol,” she said .

Agu explained that “plants cells manufacture  phytosteriods which human bodies  need very much for a  healthy living.

“For disease prevention and treatment, we must develop useful habit of eating good  quantity of these plant products because  they are very important for a healthy living.

She advised Nigerians to reduce their  intake of fried foods,industrial sugar, smoking, high alcohol consumption , high salt intake, drug abuse and misuse of drugs.

She said that they should indulge in regular exercise to stay healthy and alive

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