Best flip flops for women 2022 to wear for comfort and support


here aren’t many styles of footwear that bring out the same Pavlovian-esque joy response quite like flip flops.

Because, let’s face it, unless you’re heading off somewhere with almost-guaranteed sunshine, warm weather and/or a beach, you probably won’t need a pair.

Which means if you are flip-flop shopping, you’re probably going somewhere exciting soon. You could just pick up a pair of £3 flip flops and be done with it.

Or you could allow your toes the same privilege that you grant the rest of your body and invest in a pair of flip flops that you’ll be proud to place at the foot of your sun lounger.

The best flip flops offer a lot more durability and structure rather than the ‘flops of yore which were known to fall apart after one or two heavy-footed mistakes. As well as offering a huge range of colours, we’ve hand-picked suggestions with a range of heights, straps, ergonomic elements and more.

The final step? Coordinating your swimwear with your newest holiday footwear additions.

From the supportive to the stylish, we’ve rounded up all of the best flip flops.

Havaianas slim flatform flip flops in pink electric


Havaianas come in all shapes and sizes but this pink electric pair are our current favourite. With their chunky flatform design and brightly coloured sole, these are flip flops that are just as appropriate for strolling down to the beach as they are for pool parties or day to day wear. This perpetually popular brand is known for its quality, which means zero chance of taking one slightly-too-vigorous step and splitting the foam in half.

Crocs Classic Platform Flip Flops


No brand has had a revival in recent years quite like Crocs. And, if you can’t bring yourself to invest in one of the more clunky designs, the brand’s flip flops might just act as a stepping stone. The Classic Platform Flip Flops in Oxygen Blue could easily be mistaken for any other flip flop brand but have the added bonus of featuring that enviable comfort that all Crocs lovers mention.

With a platform design and room to add a variety of accessories (if you’re so inclined), this vibrant blue pair promises to contrast beautifully against your soon-to-be-tanned toes.

FitFlop IQUSHION Zebra-Print Ergonomic flip flops


If you’ve previously avoided wearing flip flops due to their unsupportive nature, look no further than FitFlop. This ultra-light, supersleek design comes bolstered with cushioning that’s ergonomically shaped for all-day comfort.

The IQUSHION Zebra-Print Ergonomic flip flops also feature a built-in arch contour that hugs your feet: they’re maybe the most supportive flip flops on the market. These shoes are both waterproof and slip-resistant so feel free to run straight to the pool without hesitation.

Bershka chunky flip flop with ankle strap in black


Bershka might not be the first brand you think of when shopping for flip flops but if you’re on the hunt for a slightly more fashionable pair, look no further than these jet black beauties.

Featuring a textured tread, they come with ankle ties for a little extra zhuzh to your footwear wardrobe. The V-shaped straps are a little different from your standard flip flop and they’re comfy enough to wear out for drinks as well as general daily wear.

Tony Bianco Ives chunky flip flop sandals in tan leather


Your toes will thank you if you invest in a pair of Tony Bianco flip flops. Made from stylish tan leather with a buttery soft finish to match, these fashion-forward flip flops are some of the finest in the business. With a branded footbed and a chunky sole, they’re simple yet elevated and promise to become a daily staple on those warm weather days. Their street-luxe aesthetic makes them versatile enough to pair with all kinds of outfits.

Chloe Lou crocheted recycled-polyester and shell flip flops


Chloe’s flip flops might not be the most budget friendly of the gang (by any stretch) but look past their price tag and focus on their incredible design and you may just be convinced.

Some of the loudest flip flops around, the Lou crocheted recycled-polyester and shell flip flops come in a vibrant range of colours with a crocheted finish. Made from 50 per cent recycled polyester and 50 per cent thermoplastic polyurethane, they’re also a little better for the environment than all those plastic pairs you’ve been buying for years on end.

Michael Kors Linsey logo-embellished EVA flip flops


The trouble with buying designer flip flops is that you might be too concerned about breaking them to wear them outside of the house regularly. Enter: Michael Kors’ Linsey logo-embellished flip flops. Made entirely from EVA, these versatile flip flops can withstand more than a bit of wear and tear and promise to retain their shape and colour no matter what you do with them.

A great balance of fashion and function, they feature logo embellishment to the front, gold-toned hardware accents and a moulded footbed.

Sleepers Tapered Flip Flops


Looking for a budget-friendly pair of flip flops that you can run into the sea a la Baywatch with reckless abandon? Look no further than Sleepers. While this brand is still a little more expensive than your average high street flip flop, it comes with a more durable base and a whole lot of extra comfort.

It’s also easy enough to find these in a whole rainbow’s worth of colours (our fave is the lime green) and they’re usually discounted, too. Their tapered shape gives them a little extra oomph and they’re made from planet-pleasing FairTrade rubber.

PUMA Unisex Epic Flip v2 Amplified Beach and Pool Shoes


Puma’s flip flops are advertised as “Amplified Beach and Pool Shoes” rather than just simple flip flops, though we can’t promise they’ll improve your water polo or beach volleyball skills significantly.

In a bright red and black contrasting colourway, these unisex flip flops come with a slightly curved sole for optimum movement opportunities. The woven textile strap prevents blisters even after hours of wear and the anti-slippage texture is all the encouragement you need to actually wear these around the pool. 

Call It Spring by ALDO Triwen flip flop sandals in bone


ALDO’s Triwen flip flop sandals are a little more stylish than the traditional of this footwear type and are perfect for pairing with everything from denim shorts to maxi dresses, from the streets of Barcelona to the evening strolls through Santorini.

With a flat sole and minimalist design, they promise to go with all kinds of outfits while allowing you the freedom to stretch far and wide with colours and patterns from the ankle up. Their V-shaped straps come with a little extra cushioning to keep you comfortable, too.


You can’t beat a good pair of Havaianas and the slim flatform flip flops in pink electric promise to brighten up all kinds of holiday-ready outfits. Hot pink not your thing? You’ll find Havaianas in pretty much every colour under the sun, incorporating the brand’s same signature rice-textured sole and durable quality.

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