I’m a Walmart super fan – I found a $15 dupe for Spanx’s $98 faux leather leggings

FLATTERING leggings have been a closet stable for fall on virtually every fashionista’s wish list.

One fashion pro took to TikTok to show her followers that they don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous for fall.

Chaundra showed the pair in black


Chaundra showed the pair in blackCredit: TikTok/glamastarrmkeup
She tried on the pair in black at the request of her followers


She tried on the pair in black at the request of her followersCredit: TikTok/glamastarrmkeup

Chaundra is a lifestyle influencer and licensed esthetician.

In a video titled “Spanx Dupe! (Walmart Edition), she showed her followers an affordable dupe for the iconic $98 Spanx leggings.

The dupe retails at Walmart for $15.96 online, an affordable price tag compared to the Spanx lookalike.

“This season Walmart has a brown pair, so you have the choice from a brown or a black pair,” she raved in a recent video.

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The in vogue leggings are currently available in black and brown with a size range from S to XXXL.

Chaundra initially told her followers about the dupe in 2021 when Walmart carried the dupe exclusively in black.

She tried on the black pair to give an idea of the fit and style of the leggings.

In the video she had some advice for her followers seeking the chic leather look for less.

“I would say get a size down from your original size,” she advised, “they’re really stretchy,” she added.

Reviewers of the dupe agreed with Chaundra.

“These are perfect dupes for Spanx Faux Leather leggings,” wrote one reviewer.

The popularity of the leggings does not seem to be slowing down as some colors and sizes are currently unavailable.

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“Wish they weren’t sold out, I would buy another pair!” wrote another reviewer.

As earth tones make a return for fall, the affordable Walmart leggings are a sure fire way to turn heads while staying on trend.

She compared the leggings in brown and black


She compared the leggings in brown and blackCredit: TikTok/glamastarrmkeup
She showed the leggings which retail for $14.96 in store and $15.96 online


She showed the leggings which retail for $14.96 in store and $15.96 onlineCredit: TikTok/glamastarrmkeup

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