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Trent Loos

I recently attended the SLC Veggie Fest in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not because I was seeking an alternative dietary choice but rather because I was invited by Wayne Hsiung, co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere to a debate—or more accurately a discussion—about whether we need to continue to kill animals to eat. I must admit it was a blast from the past for me because when I started this advocacy 22 years ago I would seek out animal rights functions and attend them to learn why people think the way they do. Things have changed greatly in that regard in the past 20 years.

I do need to share with you that Hsiung has allegedly had 17 felony arrests for breaking into farms and stealing animals. In fact, on that day he spent quite a bit of time talking about his trial that begins in Utah on Oct 3. The group states its mission is:

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