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It’s difficult to say no to biryani. But we have all been disappointed when we have been served a plate full of rice and chicken in the name of biryani. ‘Biryani Moments’ is different. Located in a secluded area at Shankhamul, Kathmandu, it’s one of the many brands under Future Foods, a cloud kitchen. Besides Biryani Moments, there’s Biggies Burgers & Fries and Pie Pickers Pizza that are equally good.

The biryani they serve is perhaps one of the best you can find in Kathmandu. It’s neither dry, nor soggy. It’s neither spicy, nor bland. A single serving comes with two chicken-leg pieces, which are tender with perfectly balanced flavors. You will definitely go back for more as well as recommend it to your friends.

The burger here is delicious as the patty is juicy and cooked just right. But burger lovers will attest that it’s the bread bit that makes or breaks the burger. The bun they use is made from scratch and they have their own special recipe. The same goes for the pizza as well. The thin-crust pizza was surprisingly good for one that was made in the microwave. 

There is another quite peculiar dish that has just been launched. It’s called ‘Saptarangi Momo’ and there are seven pieces in one plate. The name comes from the fact that they have used seven colors to make the momo wraps. Don’t be alarmed as they haven’t used any artificial coloring. The chef mixes organic food materials like spinach, beetroot, turmeric, etc. to create the desired colors that are used. It not only tastes good but makes for an Instagram-worthy photo as well.

The best part about Future Foods is that it’s open 24/7 and their delivery service also operates round the clock. So, the next time you are hungry and find yourself trying to decide between leftovers or instant noodles, we suggest you give Future Foods a try.


  • Chicken Hyderabad Lazeej Dum Biryani
  • Classic Chicken Burger
  • Saptarangi Momo

Opening hours: 24 hours

Location: Shankhamul, Kathmandu

Meal for two: Rs 1,500

Online payment: Accepted

Reservations: 01-5906111/01-5261562

Parking: Not available 

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