The Critical Role Architectural Design And Green Building Techniques Play In Creating Sustainable Spaces

At long last, architectural design that’s indelibly
linked to sustainability has risen to the fore. In
today’s environmental climate, design and building
practices must support a healthy planet and cater to the
needs of the people who live on it.

By reducing the
reliance on non-renewable resources, sustainable
architecture and green building techniques do much to
promote and maintain a cleaner environment.

Silk Design & Build
is a team of architects and builders who create commercial
spaces. With an eye to the future, it feels strongly
obligated to bring sustainability into everything it

The team works cohesively and cooperatively
to create, improve and preserve buildings and workspaces
that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Its approach fosters
and advances the needs of communities to live in a world
where quality built environments are carefully crafted, are
of minimal disturbance and exist in harmony with the

What does it mean to design and build

Sustainable design and construction is
the practice of creating buildings and spaces that are
environmentally responsible, resource efficient and meet the
needs of the occupants.

That means every part of a
project – from site selection to design, construction and
operation endeavours to eliminate or minimise negative
environmental impacts.

How design and building
methods drive sustainability together

The overall
objectives of sustainability are to reduce consumption of
non-renewable resources, minimise waste, and create healthy,
productive environments. In order to develop a project that
adheres to the principles and practicalities of
sustainability, you need to begin with the end in

Silk Design & Build create commercial
interior spaces that are workable, fit-for-purpose,
comfortable, safe, and productive.

In addition to
including sustainable design and green building techniques
in new construction projects, the team are experts at
retrofitting existing buildings. Retrofitting can be more
cost-effective than building a new facility. The key is to
design renovations and retrofits to include
sustainable design attributes.

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Sustainable architecture
strategies explained

Increasingly, sustainable
architecture strategies are being implemented into building

Sustainable architecture utilises design
strategies that reduce the negative environmental impact of
a built environment. Architects take areas such as site
topography, landscape, energy and water requirements into
consideration when planning and designing a

Specific strategies

  • Planning and considering the
    orientation of buildings on a site
  • Using
    eco-friendly, high-quality building materials and recycled
  • Prioritising high indoor air
  • Using energy-efficient lighting and
  • Installing energy-efficient and
    renewable energy systems
  • Being mindful of water
    conservation and utilising rainwater
  • Addressing stormwater
  • Minimising waste during building and
    operation of the building

Silk Design &
Build supports sustainable design-build practices, using
eco-friendly materials and production methods. It takes its
commitment to deliver sustainable buildings seriously.
Maximum effort is made to minimise the environmental
footprint, beginning with raw material selection.

actively pursues social and community outcomes of
environmental guardianship, waste diversion, and
minimisation in its sustainable buildings. Using sustainable
materials lowers the environmental impact caused by various
materials and substances. All its projects are designed to
provide efficient and effective use of a space, which allows
the continuation of sustainable business

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How Kiwis can implement
sustainable building practices

Green building
techniques are reshaping the industry and becoming a
fundamental part of new building designs across New Zealand
(and the world).

Silk Design & Build believe that
green building techniques will define sustainable
construction in the future. For Kiwis who aren’t in a
position to build new, there are things they can do to make
their existing homes and workspaces more sustainable

  • Using renewable energy sources such as
    solar power
  • Installing efficient air ventilation
    systems that eliminate pollutants from the surrounding
  • Using better insulation materials that minimise
    leaking air and noise pollution
  • Using
    energy-efficient indoor appliances

Silk Design
& Build’s commitment to creating sustainable

Silk Design & Build is New Zealand’s
premier commercial design, build and fit-out organisation.
It helps commercial businesses build and maintain premises
that adhere to eco-friendly design and sustainable building

The business strives to implement
sustainable strategies in all of its projects. It sees this
commitment as the only responsible thing to do for the
planet and its people.

The team believes a successful
design is central to health and prosperity. One that
enriches people’s lives and the communities they live

Its overarching mission for each and every project
is to deliver:

Quality Assurance. Reliability.
Budget and Guidelines. Single Point of Contact. And above
all — Joy.

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Silk Design & Build

If you’re
looking to design and build a new workspace or refit an
existing one using sustainable architecture principles and
green building techniques, contact
Design & Build

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