Best MagSafe wallets 2023


If your iPhone is always on you, but your cards aren’t, you’ll want to check out these MagSafe wallets.

MagSafe cases are a nice addition to your iPhone, allowing you to wirelessly power your phone without being too much of an eyesore. Fitting nicely with MagSafe’s multi-faceted approach, you can even add MagSafe wallets to your case for an easy card-carry. Usually light and slim, the cases won’t replace a regular wallet, but there are some places, like the gym, where you may want to carry around only a few cards with you rather than an entirely separate fold.

After Apple confirmed MagSafe will continue to be an iPhone staple during its September “Wonderlust” event, we selected the best MagSafe wallets based on look, functionality, and some feaux-leather alternatives as Apple confirmed that it won’t be producing leather anymore to adhere to its new net-carbon 2030 mission. That said, here’s a line-up of MagSafe wallets to keep your cards secure and accessible without the hassle.

  • Spigen Valentinus with a background gradient


    Spigen Valentinus Phone Wallet

    Editor’s Choice

    The Spigen Valentinus is a faux leather MagSafe wallet. It comes in two variants, one that can hold two cards and one that holds three. There are also three different colors to choose from. The Valentinus is a solid performer that does what it’s asked without complaint. It also adds minimal bulk to your existing iPhone case even when it has cards in it. That makes it great for everyday basic use.

  • Apple FineWoven MagSafe Wallet with a gradient background

    Apple / Pocket-lint

    Apple FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe

    Best first-party wallet

    Apple replaced its leather wallets with FineWoven, a new microtwill material that is made of 68% post-consumer recycled materials. It offers a suede-like feel but otherwise functions exactly like the old leather wallet. This one comes in five different colors and houses two to three cards. Currently, it’s only available on Apple’s website, but it should make its way to other online retailers over time. It’s minimal, and it should work well.

  • PopSockets Phone Wallet


    PopSockets Phone Wallet with Expanding Grip

    Best wallet with a grip

    The PopSockets PopWallet is a good, multi-functional choice for MagSafe wallets. It holds a few cards and lets you get to them with a nifty mechanism that pops the cards out, pun intended. You can then attach a regular PopSocket to the back for easy grip or for propping up your phone. It comes in a bunch of colors so you can customize it as you please.

  • Pelican Magnetic Wallet with background gradient


    Pelican Magnetic Wallet

    Best heavy duty wallet

    The Pelican Magnetic Wallet is a heavy-duty MagSafe wallet. It clips closed to keep your cards safe from falling out. It also includes an integrated money clip, so you can carry more than cards. It has more bulk than a typical MagSafe wallet, but the inclusion is why you buy it. The wallet holds four cards and cash. It also includes an IPX4 rating and comes in three colors.

  • CLCKR Phone Holder and Wallet with background gradient


    Clckr Phone Holder & Grip for MagSafe

    Best wallet and stand hybrid

    $30 $40 Save $10

    The CLCKR Phone Holder and Wallet is a nice dual-purpose MagSafe wallet. You get the wallet, which is capable of holding two cards with a nice design that lets you slide them out easily. The back of the wallet houses a kickstand that you can use to hold your phone up. It’s also a nice finger rest when holding the device or even a make-shift tripod. It comes in two colors and is both lightweight and durable.

  • Amzone MagSafe Wallet gradient


    Amzone MagSafe Wallet with AirTag Holder

    Best wallet with an AirTag holder

    The Amzone MagSafe Wallet is a good-looking wallet that also includes an AirTag holder. The AirTag holder lets you insert an AirTag and track your wallet if you lose it. The extra security is certainly helpful, especially if you’re out and about. We’re not fans of the tag being visible on the outside of the wallet, but that’s fairly typical for AirTag-equipped MagSafe wallets. It’s certainly better than not having it at all.

  • Peak Design Mobile Wallet Stand

    Peak Design / Pocket-lint

    Peak Design Mobile Wallet Stand

    Best with up to seven card slots

    The Peak Design Mobile Wallet Stand is a versatile MagSafe wallet. It comes with support for up to seven cards, which is more than most wallets. The wallet also doubles as a stand that you can orient in both portrait and landscape modes depending on what you need. It’ also features a durable, weather-resistant nylon design and a magnetic pull tab to get your cards out.

  • ESR Magnetic Wallet HaloLock gradient

    ESR / Pocket-lint

    ESR Magnetic Case

    Best with Apple Find My support

    $40 $50 Save $10

    The ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wallet is an excellent MagSafe wallet. It holds between one and three cards, which makes it good for gym or light outdoor use. The design also includes a stand, so you can set up your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. Included in the feature set is support for Apple’s Find My network. That can help you find it if it ever gets lost without needing to equip it with an AirTag.

Belkin made a face-tracking MagSafe mount for iPhone 12 photo 2The best MagSafe wallets for iPhone: Which one is right for you?

As per the norm, the best one comes down to what you intend to use it for. Every MagSafe wallet comes with the ability to attach to your iPhone or iPhone case while holding cards. From there, it’s just choosing which features you want the most. Those looking for a stand can check out the ESR, Peak Design, or CLCKR wallets. Those wanting ruggedness can check out the Pelican wallet. Spigen and Tahamus round out the basic, minimal design options that don’t get in the way.

You can’t really go wrong here, provided that you’re shopping for what you need. Your personal preferences and specific use case trumps whatever expert opinions I can give you. To help as much as possible, all of the above cases should work on every existing iPhone with MagSafe, including the latest iPhone 15. Compatibility isn’t an issue, so go wild and get the one you want.

Are MagSafe wallets worth it?

That’s subject to personal preference. There are instances where a MagSafe wallet can be handy. For example, if you’re at the gym, and you don’t want to bring your whole wallet, a MagSafe wallet can keep your most important cards with you instead of leaving them in a gym locker. Any situation where you’d rather just carry a couple of cards while you leave your full wallet somewhere safe is a good enough reason to own a MagSafe wallet.

Do cards often fall out of MagSafe wallets?

A well-designed case shouldn’t let that happen, but saying that it never happens would be a lie. Cards can fall out of MagSafe wallets just like they can with any normal wallet. You should always be vigilant when it comes to your ID or payment cards.

Does MagSafe work through the wallet?

No. If you want to use a MagSafe charger or another such accessory, you’ll need to remove the wallet.

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