Bills filed could increase container deposits, bar burning …


Legislators, working with local and regional grass-roots coalitions, launched a campaign to address the proliferation of single-use plastics in Massachusetts.

The hat belonging to Eileen Ryan, the leader of Beyond Plastics in Greater Boston, a Watertown resident, decorated by some of the single-use plastics targeted by the coalition aiming to update the state's Bottle Bill as well as reduce the use of certain plastics

“Single-use plastics are not easy to get rid of; they are convenient,” said Sen. Jason Lewis, D-Winchester. “I’m thrilled this day arrived.”

The group has set its sights on reducing the use of plastics in Massachusetts. Legislators have filed bills that range from updating the state’s bottle bill to banning the use of plastics as incinerator fuel. A modernized bottle bill would increase the deposit while also extending the type of containers subject to a deposit and not just carbonated beverages.

The coalition, with upwards of 16 members so far and working with strong advocates in the House and Senate, has a goal of making Massachusetts plastic free.

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