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Catering services, restaurants and growing consumer demand for special occasions have lately fueled the disposable plates industry. Also with people become more aware of the environment, there has been a surge in the usage ofpaper disposables. This has created ample space for manufacturing of biodegradable food service disposables. From readily available raw materials, you can start your own venture in the manufacturing of these eco-friendly products, that will give you a steady income.

Areca leaf plates, are environmentally disposable plates that are crafted through natural processes. This does not require any chemical involvement. These eco-friendly product boast have no artificial components and also does not react with food when the latter comes into contact with plate.

Areca leaf plates align with eco-conscious consumers and the growing demand for responsible dining options. You can tap into this thriving market, contributing to environmental sustainability while reaping financial rewards.

According to the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) feasibility report, “The expansion of foodservice disposables in the Asia Pacific area is being fuelled by an increase in the number of restaurants in emerging nations and the popularity of takeout meals. Furthermore, in the near and medium term, continued urbanisation, sedentary lifestyles, and an on-the-go eating culture are projected to fuel market development.”

How Much Will Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturing Business Cost?

KVIC has broken the Cost of Project into the following



Plant & Machinery: Rs 4.95

Furniture & Fixtures: Rs 0.50

Working Capital: Rs 3.25

Total: Rs 8.70


Own Contribution: Rs 0.87

Working Capital(Finance): Rs 2.92

Term Loan: Rs 4.91

Total: Rs 8.70

KVIC has projected the below mentioned Gross sales from 1st to 5th year

In the first year your net profit will be Rs Rs  2.59 lakh, Rs 3.26 lakh in the second year, Rs 3.74 in the third year, Rs 4.29 in the fourth year, and Rs 4.97 lakh in the fifth year.

You can also get finance for the business venture via Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY). 

(Disclaimer: This article is for sole information purpose and for readers’ project identification. The earning calculator is also mostly based on assumptive figures to give an example of certain type. The Zee News article does not intend to give any financial advice of any sorts. For initiating any venture, you must do your own due diligence and market research.)

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