Panel Discussion at News18 Luxury Summit

Sustainability is the future, agree Aditi Govitrikar and Anuj Sawhney, panelists at the L’Aspiration Summit 2022, a News18 Initiative. Panelists discussed the aspirations of people in today’s world and the change that they have seen in the meaning of luxury over the years.

Sawhney, actor and MD, Swiss Military Worldwide was of the opinion that the world is in constant flux and the meanings of everything keep on changing. “During Covid, people have started to value everything. They feel that they should enjoy today as who knows what the future holds,” he said. He felt that people are more driven by value now, rather than materialism.

Agreeing with him, Govitrikar, a supermodel and actress, said that she spends on things which are sustainable. She believes that we’re going in the direction of sustainability. “It is the future,” she said.

Panelist Zoravar Sher Singh Kalsia of the Kalsia royal family, who lives on his farm, believes in sustainability. He shared that he does all the work himself. “Luxury has always been the freedom to do what I want, leading the most interesting life that I could fathom, a self-sustaining life,” said Kalsia.

Kalsia has been the tea planter for a fortune 500 company. He started aquaculture, beekeeping and organic farming at his Gurugram farm. Living quite the contrary life to what a royal would seem to, Kalsia thinks it is important to stand on one’s own two feet.

Has the world become simplistic? Is there the same trend in food, in fashion? Are people becoming more value driven in every aspect?

Chef Manish Mehrotra agreed. He said, “People have become more serious about what they are eating, where it comes from, how it is being cooked. Food is becoming simpler; ingredients are becoming more important. When the ingredients are right, you need to do very little to a dish.”

‘Less complicated’ is the phrase Chef Mehrotra used to describe what people aspire today – in food, in fashion and in general life.

A fashion designer who too likes the clothes he designed to be ‘less complicated,’ Jattinn Kocchar opined that keeping it simple and to keep it practical are the key things to him. “I like to design clothes which are accepted anywhere in the world,” said Kochhar.

He was of the view that in case, he was a client, he would like to buy something which would be a quality product, something that would be wearable more than once. Keeping it simple, using accessories, a dress can be worn in many ways and it is sustainable, shared Kochhar.

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