Speed ​​up the use of agroecological practices in Morón – Radio Morón

LLamil Ruiz González

At present, when it is practically impossible to acquire the chemical inputs necessary for the development of agriculture in our country on the international market, the use of agroecological practices in the Avilanian municipality of Morón has become one of the primary tasks order to produce the food the people need.

This was stated by Bartolo Jesús Menocal Díaz, president of the Cuban Association of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Technicians, who explained that the use of organic fertilizers such as compost and earthworm humus, together with biological controllers, must become priorities for all those to work the land.

Menocal Díaz added that this is a reality that every president of the productive base must understand, be it the Agricultural Production Cooperative, the Credit and Services Cooperative, the Basic Production Units and even the companies themselves in order to produce more food with the resources we have available. our disposition.

However, it must also be understood and applied by the peasants, the producers, everyone whose work is linked to the cultivation of the land, because the reality is that in a long time Cuba will not have the amount of inputs it needs, and our people need buy food at affordable prices, concluded the official.

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