The Nest by Sonara is Dubai’s Newest Eco-Friendly Glamping Destination

Positing the idea of a desert escape at family gatherings ignites a series of laughter and the jarring realisation that your pampered lifestyle choices cannot feasibly equip you with the toolkit needed to survive. Taking the (admittedly valid) criticism in stride, you begin dedicating evenings to placating your wounded heart and inputting just the right amount of refined words into search engines to find a destination that can satiate your reclusive dreams.

In waltzes Dubai’s The Nest by Sonara. Merging the city’s refined living with unique desert experiences, the newly-forged eco-friendly camp beckons a new era of soul-searching endeavours.

With packages starting from USD 730, the camp lets you choose between dune, sunset or sunrise facing stays. Each of these ‘Nests’ serve as standalone, compartmentalised rooms – with dedicated attendants present – blissfully laying atop Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve’s golden sands.

Designed by Italian architect Gianni Ranaulo, the glamping destination boasts a slew of cosy seating areas, hammocks, bars and live entertainment options enshrouded in atmospheric lighting and elevated by French chef Frank Sanna’s delicacies.

Forging a welcoming environment for guests, The Nest by Sonara called upon astronomers to walk visitors through the constellations and fully immerse them in the magic of desert escapades.

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