Organic Bill’s 2nd Reading Success Signals Drive For Innovation

New Zealand’s Parliament passed the 2nd reading of the
newly named ‘Organic Products and Production Bill’, on
Thursday 27 October 2022, signalling a clear, positive
desire to protect one of our country’s most valuable
assets, certified organic.

“Since 2012, the organic
sector has been working with all political parties and
relevant Ministries to recognise and protect the positive
contribution and value of organic to New Zealand’s economy
by priming the purse of farmers and producers, contributing
to carbon sequestration, enhancing biodiversity, reducing
pesticide and nitrogen use, listening to market demands and
making farming fun again. Certified organic is innovation in
action as its multi-dimensional approach to assurance spans
the whole supply chain.” Brendan Hoare, Managing Director
of Buy Pure New Zealand said.

New Zealand is nearly
the last OECD country to regulate organic, with only
Australia lagging. The Bill will keep New Zealand in line
with our major trading partners who already regulate

According to Organic Aotearoa New Zealand’s
2020 market report, organic in New Zealand is valued at NZD
723 million, while the global market is valued at Eur 106
Billion and growing at approximately 9%. It is recognised
internationally as the fastest growing multi-food sector in
the world.

“This Bill has the whole organic
sector’s engagement and our ongoing work with the Ministry
of Primary Industry to develop the regulation and standards
is steady. Yes, it is slow and not without its difficulties,
but it is increasingly constructive, as we all come to terms
with a new system. However, what is very satisfying, and
refreshing to see, is all political parties singing our
praises, cheering us on and wanting to protect organic now
and into the future.” Brendan said.

“A Bill, with
supporting regulation and a single nationally aligned
standard will enable those wanting to do the right thing by
climate change to simultaneously build authenticity into
their claims to strengthen relationships with regulated
markets and their discerning citizens. Truth, trust, and
authenticity is critical at a time when greenwashing
solutions to climate change and sustainability claims
abound.” Brendan

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