A More Sustainable Approach To Farming Looks Better Together

With a future focused on sustainable farming and growing,
increasing demand for food products and an increasing
regulatory environment, two companies have come together to
aid the agricultural and horticultural

Tokoroa based Blue Pacific Minerals
Limited (BPM), has joined with AgriFert (NZ) Limited
(AgriFert), in what Executive Chairman, Jamie Mikkelson,
says “is part of our ongoing strategy to be ready for the
future with innovative and science-led solutions. This
partnering will benefit the future of farming and growing
here in New Zealand. Like our agricultural community, we too
are adapting to new trends and finding innovative ways, all
while standing true in what we believe in, being clever by

“The future is exciting for farmers and
growers with advances in science and technology. New Zealand
farmers and growers are global leaders in efficiency and
innovation. We have a part to play driving the sustainable
farming and growing solutions” says

AgriFert offers unique blends of liquid
fertilisers, as well as organic compounds and has a deep-set
knowledge in agri nutrients required for farming and growing
in New Zealand soils. They have a wide understanding of bio
fermentation technology for production of beneficial
bacteria and bio stimulants, fundamentals for healthy
animals and soils.

Working together as one fits well
with BPM’s purpose ‘to enhance and protect the
environment, improve the health and wellbeing of both humans
and animals and enable farmers to sustainably increase
production while addressing some of the biggest challenges
facing the industry.’

Sam Taverner, Director of
AgriFert says “this is a turning point for the company. We
have been producing unique and valuable products, punching
well beyond our weight in the industry. Now it is time to
increase our impact in farming and growing, which can be
achieved with the support of BPM. Combining our aligned
goals, resources, experience and focus is going to be an
adventure I personally want to be part of and was a key
driver for me, behind merging with BPM”

Sam says
AgriFert is planning on continuing operations from their
Bell Block base in New Plymouth. Farmers and growers can
continue to contact the AgriFert team direct for all their
on-farm enquiries.

Sam and wife Pamela, who is
involved in the AgriFert business, have been in operation
for seventeen years and value their customers and the
AgriFert team, for their ongoing support.

believe, with the support of BPM, they will continue to
offer a smart range of liquid fertilisers and AgriBio’s
range of animal health products, all while servicing more
customers across New Zealand and abroad.

The companies
will officially come together from the 1st of November 2022.
Both companies are looking forward to the impact in
sustainable farming that their combined focus can

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