Trending news: A person fond of food and drink got a ‘vegan’ girlfriend, left it on the first date, did not say bye till now!

Man Rejected Girlfriend Over Food: A lot of things are seen in the matter of relationship. Even if the person’s looks and nature are good, then his lifestyle and habits also matter a lot. For example, if the eating habits of a person are not found, then there can be many complications in their relationship and keeping this in mind, a boy left his date during the first meeting.

You must have seen people enumerating a thousand reasons to break up, but a man left his girlfriend on the very first date (Man Ditches Girlfriend Over Food Choice) because he himself is fond of eating gluten while the girl girlfriend was vegan . The boy himself has told his complete story on Tiktok, after knowing which people have given a mixed reaction.

The girl was vegan, so ran away from the date
On Tiktok, a boy named Renan Pacheco told that he came to the restaurant, where at first the girl’s name was something that he did not like. Despite this, the girl was beautiful, so she made a compromise. As soon as the food menu arrived, the girl looked at it and said that she does not eat gluten. Since the boy likes gluten-containing food so much, he was shocked. Despite this, he tried to complete the date, only when wine was served with food, the girl told that she does not drink wine. This time the boy could not bear it and he left the date in the middle and ran away. Even he did not say goodbye to his date in a manner.

People gave mixed reaction
People gave multiple reactions to this funny dating story. One user wrote – Brother, you did absolutely right. Another user said – I can understand gluten but not even alcohol? It can’t work. Even before this, such interesting stories of dating have come. Once the boy could not tolerate the girl’s rejection and sent her the full bill of dating, then once the boy called the girl just to fat shaming.

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