Vegan creamy cashew and mushroom soup for lunch or dinner

With the rainy seasonhitting central South Africa as well as the Eastern coast, everybody wants to stay indoors and eat some hearty food. While you’re snuggled-up, you might want to try our vegan creamy cashew and mushroom soup. If you’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet, you might love this mushroom and sage soup while snuggled up watching your favourite movies or TV shows. It’s full of great falvours and textures anybody can enjoy.

Vegan creamy cashew and mushroom soup tips

The mushrooms can be cooked with oil but dry-frying gives them a crispier consistency, especially with the addition of salt. When making the cashew puree, make sure to let the steam out of the blender so that it doesn’t go everywhere. Thanks to the soup and cashew nuts, the consistency is creamy and luxurious. The mushrooms along with the crispy sage leaves add to the texture and you can enjoy it along with some crusty bread on the side.

If you’re following a vegan/vegetarian diet or just want a great vegetable soup, try our Vegan creamy cashew and mushroom soup while it rains.

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