KUNA : Supreme Council for Planning to launch sustainable development week 20 Nov – General

09:38 GMT

Secretary General Khaled Mahdi
Secretary General Khaled Mahdi

KUWAIT, Nov 6 (KUNA) — The General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development announced launching the “sustainable development week” from 20 to 24 November.
In a press conference on Sunday, Secretary General Khaled Mahdi said that the sustainable development week will organize five workshops for the public sector, universities and the private sector.
The workshops aims to share experience and information in the field, he added.
The General Secretariat is preparing its second report on measuring the progress reached in achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals in Kuwait. The report will be presented next July, in a high-level political forum, under the theme “speeding the recovery from COVID-19”, said Mahdi.
Kuwait’s permanent national guidance committee for executing the 2035 vision’s agenda on the UN’s sustainable developent goals had presented its first report on the progress in 2019, which was met by positive feedback. (end)

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