Top 8 Android Apps for Farmers

Mobile apps provides farming tips, weather forecasts, crops, seeds, fertilizers, mandi, and a lot more.
Mobile apps provides farming tips, weather forecasts, crops, seeds, fertilizers, mandi, and a lot more.

Agriculture professionals and farmers are adapting to new technologies and coming up with new ideas to cut costs, increase yields and become self-sufficient. To achieve all this, technology is required. Farmers need information about crops, weather, mandi, prices, trends, crop management, resources, instant training services, certain other services required, and whatnot.

And for all this, there is nothing better than a smartphone with a good application to provide information on all this. Now they don’t have to spend huge money on buying computers or laptops. One of the best things about a mobile app is that you can use it any time of the day at your convenience be it in the morning or lunchtime or after you finish your day’s work.

Perhaps, we can call these apps a way to farm innovation.

Here is a list of a few mobile apps that provides farming tips, weather forecasts, crops, seeds, fertilizers, mandi, and a lot more.

Digital Mandi India

This App helps in checking the latest Indian agricultural commodities Mandi prices from different states and districts. Easy to use and intuitive, the app enables farmers, traders, and all others to know the updated Mandi price from anywhere. Its main features are:

Browse through various commodity categories browse prices in different states simplified flow to reach the selected commodity’s mandi price Copy the mandi price of a commodity Sync data from the Indian government portal


Crop Info

Developed by Nirantara Livelihood Resources Private Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka. The Crop Info App provides Production Technology of commercially important Horticultural & Agricultural crops on your smartphone. It provides production aspects, post-harvest technology, processing possibilities and market information. Crop Info is an App specifically developed for students & faculty of Agricultural & Horticultural Universities, Subject Matter Specialists & Extension Officials of Agriculture & Horticultural Departments, Private Sector Professionals, Farmers and anyone interested in cultivation of crops.


Krishi Network 

It’s a one-stop solution for farmers to get instant and accurate answers for agriculture-related queries and realize higher profits from their land.

This app encourages farmers and provides them with information for productive purposes to extract better value in long term.  Farmers can ask questions, connect to expert farmers, get inspired from the success stories, and connect with Agri brands directly.

Kisan Suvidha 

Here in this application, you can get information related to many topics in agriculture and animal husbandry Be it fertilizers, crop insurance, organic farming, seeds, machinery, advisory and directory services, horticulture, and training services as well.

Krishi Gyan

Krishi Gyan is an application aimed at disseminating agricultural information to rural, farming audiences. This application will enable Indian farmers to connect with Krishi Gyan experts and ask their questions related to farming and get the answers within the application through notification. The farmers as well as agriculture enthusiast can also share their answer with each other.

Agri App 

AgriApp is an Android-based mobile application that is a complete solution for crop production and management. It provides information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, smart farming with agriculture, and allied services.

This application is an online marketplace for bringing in farmers, Agri input, retailers & fulfillment services on a common digital platform as well. This app helps farmers in many ways as it  provides services such as Crop Advisory, Soil Testing, Drone Services, Crop Practices & many more.

Bajar Bhav 

In simple terms, this is an e- mandi application. One can easily find the latest mandi prices in India. This gets you the latest Mandi price every day for all agriculture markets across India. Now farmers can easily get daily updated prices for their products so there is no more loss for their products. Now farmers can get nearby markets updated prices every day and whenever they want to sell their products, they can do by checking the price for their products.

Agriplex India 

This farmer-friendly app provides a wide range of agricultural input products from top brands. Farmers get an option to choose a wide variety of quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides of major brands. Farmers can navigate through their required Crops and order their required Agri inputs.

*The information on these applications is what these apps already claim.

First published on: 07 Nov 2022, 12:42 IST

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