Retired, Vegan Boxing Champion Achieves Ripped Physique With Only Four Hours of Exercise Per Week!

David Haye is a retired boxer. Nicknamed the Haymaker, he holds an impressive record of twenty-eight wins against four losses. Now retired, his recent video is making rounds for detailing fitness goals that could be achieved with the slightest of efforts.


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Boxers are some of the best athletes in the world. A lean and mean physique offers agility and enough stamina to sustain and keep them going until the 12th round. Due to weight restrictions, boxers must be careful about their muscle mass. But a fighter also has to be strong enough to endure that brutal hammering. 


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Who can forget the famous original soundtrack of Rocky? With Bill Conti’s superb composition in the background, you could see a charged-up Stallone jogging through the streets and running up the Philadelphia Museum of Arts stairs. But, between the track, footage of Rocky hitting meat slabs is the most intriguing.

Few know that sequence was borrowed from none other than Smoking Joe Frazier’s ruthless regimen.

But what happens when a boxer hangs up the gloves? Most may fade away from the public eye, picking up day jobs and living a normal life. Meanwhile, a few retire rich and turn to successful business ventures.

The battering received during the active years sometimes extends its impact over the twilight years as well. Like us, boxers, too, need to stay fit and healthy long past retirement to enjoy that phase. A simple and conservative fitness program should augment well for anyone. But, a few go beyond and prove that age is just a number!

Enter The Haymaker – David Haye

David Deron Haye, the retired boxer from Britain, is a former unified Cruiserweight champion. Crossing over, he became the WBA Heavyweight champion in 2009. The six-foot-three-inch boxer of English and Jamaican heritage retired from professional boxing in 2018.

During his boxing years, he switched over to veganism. The latest video clip shows an athletic Haye, claiming to have achieved the physique through minimal effort. The video begins with Haye working out in the gym.

He states, “So this is how I like to live my life. I’am retired from professional boxing now. I try to explain to people that I don’t train that hard. I do four or five hours per week of exercise and that’s enough to maintain this body shape. They seem to think it’s just a genetic thing, but I’am saying, no, it’s not, it’s about the protocol. I live my life and the lifestyle that I lead. “

The video further elaborates on how he challenged himself by avoiding exercise and consuming whatever his hands could lay on – “So I did an experiment. I stopped doing any exercise and started eating what everybody else is eating and as a result this is what transpired. I’ve turned into a mere mortal. I’ve got ridiculous rolls of fat on the side, body went from 10% to 22.5% in three months.”


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“Just by doing what everyone else is doing. I’am not overeating. I was eating desserts, I was just drinking alcohol with everybody else, and this is what happens. I’ve got all this cellulite and horrible stuff to the side.”

The transition has been receiving rave views. Yet, going through the kind of target Haye has assigned for himself shows success warrants sacrifice!

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Whether a boxer or not, staying healthy is something everyone wants, and Haye’s regimen seems like a good way to do just that. What do you think of this? Let us know.


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