A size 16 I tried on Target’s winter sale, and the faux leather leggings were my best friend.

A size 16 TIKTOKER tried on a Target affordable winter collection.

Bonnie Wyrick is the user. She uses the handle bonniewyrick to access the site. appThe faux leather leggings make a great friend for curvy girls, as noted by.

Bonnie tried on some affordable winter outfits from Target


Bonnie tried some Target winter clothes on.Credit: TikTok/@bonniewyrick
Wyrick revealed that she is 5'7, a size 16, and 235 pounds


Wyrick stated that Wyrick is 5’7 and weighs 235 pounds.Credit: TikTok/@bonniewyrick

Wyrick, a creator of plus-size fashion content, shares style tips with her fans.

Her followers number nearly 550,000.

Wyrick said that Wyrick, who is 5’7″ and 16 inches tall, weighs in at 235lbs.

Her first look was an oversized gray turtleneck sweater with faux leather leggings.

“If you want to be comfy, faux leather leggings are your best friend,” She said.

Wyrick also raved highly about the sweater. “cozy” “so soft.”

” I love this ribbing detail, the mock neck,” The turtle neck design was her favorite.

“It feels very elevated.”

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This was also loved by a fashion blogger “tunic” She should not have a length that pulls on her stomach or hips.

For a more unique look, she suggests that you pull the sweater in if possible.

Wyrick tried on the teal velvet gown with a tie belt and crossed neckline.

“This dress is so cute. I love this fabric,” She said.

It’s soft and comfortable, but it looks nice. These details are my favorite.

“It’s a faux wrap which is perfect because if you’re curvy like me, those things open up so this is wonderful.”

Next, she attempted on a rimmed magenta sweater that had a portrait neckline.

It was just as she liked all the items that she tried, and she raved about it.

“A little pop of color. This is gorgeous,” She said.

“I love the neckline detail here and then details on the hand here It feels dressy but so comfortable.”

The sweater was paired with the faux leather pants.

The pants she liked were very appreciated by her. “more fitted on top.”

She spoke of the pants being elevated by her seemingly small details.

Many people commented on how they love the clothes and wanted to own them.

“I watch your videos all the time. All I ever comment is, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful …lol.. sorry for being redundant but I can’t help it,” One.

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“So gorgeous. Dress is my favorite, but I may take the plunge and try the leggings,” One thing led to another.

“Green dress is so pretty,” The third one was also said.

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