‘A more conscious way of shopping’: Love Island and eBay re-couple to promote sustainable fashion


Second-hand online marketplace eBay revealed this week it is continuing its joint venture with ITV’s popular reality TV series Love Island in a bid to promote sustainable fashion ahead of the show’s ninth series which is due to air later this month.

EBay and Love Island launched their partnership last year for the show’s summer series. It marked the first time the reality show had worked with a second-hand fashion partner, after previously favouring partnerships with fast fashion brands such as ISAWITFIRST – an online retailer founded by Jalal Kamani, co-founder of fast fashion giant Boohoo.

Announcing the continuation of the partnership for a second series, eBay said that as Love Island’s first pre-loved fashion partner it hoped to spark “a movement to inspire a more conscious way of shopping”.

The partnership works by dressing the show’s contestants in pre-loved clothes from eBay in a bid to promote second-hand and pre-loved fashion over fast fashion alternatives.

Love Island has become renowned for its influence within the fashion industry, with many of its viewers – typically those aged between 18 to 34 – inspired to buy clothes online which they have seen on the contestants on the show.

The move to promoting sustainable fashion instead of fast fashion has so far been a success, according to ITV. Research conducted by the channel found that 53 per cent of Love Island viewers said they were aware of the eBay partnership and said that they had bought second-hand clothes in the past three months, which ITV said is more than double the amount for those who had not watched the show or were not aware of the partnership.

As part of the move away from fast fashion on the show, eBay said that since the launch of its partnership with Love Island it had seen an increase of 1,600 per cent for searches for ‘pre-loved clothes’ on its platform from May to November last year when the last series of the show aired. During the same period, Google also saw an 170 per cent increase in searches of ‘pre-loved’.

In addition, the online marketplace said there had been a 24 per cent increase in new circular fashion businesses joining the platform since its Love Island partnership.

Alongside pre-worn clothes, eBay will also be using the Love Island platform to promote a selection of authenticated second-hand trainers as well as items from its Imperfects range which it describes as “the fashion equivalent to supermarket’s wonky veg initiative”.

The range includes clothes, shoes, and accessories which may have a small defect from popular brands such as North Face, Puma, and Timberland at up to as much as 60 per cent off the normal retail price.

“We’re so excited to be returning to the Love Island villa in this series to put pre-loved fashion, centrestage,” said Kirsty Keoghan, global general manager of Fashion at eBay.

“The partnership has already shown its impact with Islanders and our Pre-loved Ambassador Tasha Ghouri demonstrating their true style and flair with pre-loved looks. We’re very excited to continue this conversation and show the nation how good pre-loved really can look.”

Mike Spencer, creative director of Love Island at Lifted Entertainment, said the show was “thrilled to be pairing up with eBay again as our pre-loved fashion partner”.

“We are excited to keep working with eBay and to keep highlighting more conscious ways of shopping on screen. This partnership will see our lucky Islanders get to pick and wear some incredible clothes sourced from eBay. We love pre-loved.”

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