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In an effort to enhance health and wellness, a growing number of people are investing more than ever in making sure they give their bodies every advantage to succeed. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), Americans spend $30 billion a year out-of-pocket on complementary health solutions.

Of the different online fitness programs, wellness gadgets and nutrition apps out there, few things can be as effective as optimizing your eating and nutrition. Making the right food choices can play a major role in things like reducing the risk of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, overweight/obesity and inflammation. It can even improve long-term health indicators, which result in a decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

However, a lot goes into healthy eating and, for many people, it’s hard to do consistently. While meal replacement and protein shakes are great supplements, they can’t be the entirety of your nutritional strategy. That’s where a healthy meal delivery service comes in.

A great healthy meal delivery service can help level the playing field regardless of your skill level in the kitchen and let you regain the hours you would normally spend preparing and cooking.

A quick search online will reveal a dizzying number of options that can be hard to navigate. To make things easier, our team has sifted through dozens of the most innovative food delivery services on the market to present you with six of the best options.

While we’ve reviewed the best food delivery services for weight loss in a previous article, this roundup will reveal the best options for various goals and needs besides just weight loss. With that said, let’s get into it.

This content is meant to be informative, but should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention or treatment of health problems. Always speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement or exercise regimen.

Our Picks for the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service:

  • Best Keto Healthy Meal Delivery Service: Diet-To-Go
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery for Vegans: Purple Carrot
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery for Athletes: Trifecta
  • Best Gluten-Free Healthy Meal Delivery Service: Freshly
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery for Vegetarians: Mosaic Foods
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service for Families: HelloFresh

Interested in managing your diet with an app instead of a food delivery service? We recommend you check out Noom.

Diet to Go

Key features:

  • Shipping/Delivery: Nationwide
  • Allows you to customize the number of meals in each delivery
  • Offers prepared, single-serve meals
  • Dozens of keto meal options changed out each week
  • Compatible with keto, Whole30 and other diets
  • Sustainably sourced and organic when possible

Diet-To-Go was started to provide a simple, hassle-free option for busy people to eat healthily. Its excellent taste and high-quality ingredients make it a great option for those looking to incorporate a Keto form of eating.

What is keto?

Also known as the Ketogenic diet, keto is a low-carb (usually less than 50 grams) approach to eating, with most carbs coming from whole fruits and vegetables. A ketogenic way of eating has been linked to benefits such as weight loss, improved blood sugar regulation and a reduced risk of hypertension.

Go-to-Diet’s Approach to the Ketogenic Diet

Originally a local food delivery service, Diet-to-Go is now a nationwide service that’s been a pioneer for over thirty years. Based on our research and in-house testing, we feel it’s a solid choice for keto, especially regarding food quality and exciting flavor profiles. While other companies we tried presented unimaginative, preservative-laden keto foods, Diet-to-Go provides foods formulated by chefs and overseen by dietitians.

Diet-to-Go has made it easy for keto clients with a full menu of meals that adhere to strict ketogenic guidelines. Their Keto-Carb30 meal program makes sure you don’t exceed a net total of 30 grams of carbs per day. Remember that this number is net carbs as opposed to total carbs. You’ll want to factor this in depending on how strict your keto regime is.

We found the meal selection to be wide enough to keep you interested for an extended period. Their chefs do a good job of incorporating new options besides their normal stable of regulars.

Of the keto meal delivery services we tried, Diet-to-Go’s meals consistently delivered a high-quality taste. However, one thing that is worth noting is that they go light on the salt. This was done intentionally to accommodate some clients with sodium issues. We found that keeping some salt around fixed this issue with little fuss.

After signing up, you can change your food choices, add additional meals and manage your weekly deliveries using their online platform. Aside from its best-in-class keto options, we chose Diet-to-Go because of their overall service. Let’s look at a few things that stuck out to us with this healthy meal delivery service and what you can expect when signing up.

Signup process for Diet-to-Go

The signup process is very user-friendly. Be sure to sign up for their mailing list to get a discount code for your first order. After entering your zip code, they will give you an estimated window of when your delivery will arrive.

Next, you’ll select the Keto-Carb30 as your meal plan. While you could build your own without selecting this plan, we find it does a good job of filling your delivery with keto foods that you can easily change later on. Choose the number of days and frequency of meals. Once you’ve verified your billing information, the website will direct you to choose your meals.

Meal substitution options

A lot of the meal delivery services we tried were stingy with substitutions. Diet-to-Go goes a different direction by providing nearly a dozen different meal substitutions to choose from. This is a significant positive feature for those of us who are on a keto plan for a long period.

Who Should Buy Diet-to-Go?

Diet-to-Go is good for people trying to get into a particular form of eating, like keto. The learning curve can be large when you’re first getting into them and their Keto-Carb30 serves as a solid starting point. Many users consider it the best healthy prepared meal delivery service in its price range.

Diet-to-Go is ideal for:

  • Busy People
  • Families where everyone is on a different meal plan
  • People who eat away from home, like at the office or on the road
  • Individuals that have limited cooking options besides a microwave
  • Limited local access to healthy keto options
  • People who want a keto-friendly plan that eliminates the need for calorie counting

Overall, Diet-to-Go provides the widest range of keto meals of any delivery service we tried. It strikes an ideal balance between quality, taste and affordability.


  • High number of meal options
  • Offers a Keto-Carb30 meal plan
  • Easily swap out meals for other options
  • Dieticians available to answer questions
  • Great taste
  • Pause, modify or cancel easily
  • Ships nationwide
  • Less expensive to many competitors


  • No kosher options
  • Not ideal for people with severe food allergies
Purple Carrot

Key features:

  • Shipping/delivery: Ships nationwide
  • Type: Meal kit and prepared options available
  • Select up to 4 meal kits or 6, 8 and 10 prepared meals
  • Average of 12 meal kits and 12 prepared meal options each week
  • Compatible with all plant-based diets, including veganism and vegetarianism
  • Ingredient quality is mostly organic

Many of the services we tried seemed to offer vegan options as an afterthought. The recipes were unimaginative and the flavors were often the same. However, as any experienced vegan will tell you, food can still be exciting without meat and animal products.

What it means to be vegan

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, especially when it comes to their diet. Those that embrace this form of eating have been known to experience weight loss and a decrease in LDL cholesterol.

How Purple Carrot Approaches Healthy Meal Delivery for Vegans

While other meal delivery services offer a wide range of nutritional approaches, Purple Carrot specializes exclusively in plant-based meals. By its very philosophy, Purple Carrot is automatically vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Available both as a prepared meal or meal kit, a growing number of people online are praising this brand because of their innovative approach to vegan food. It’s become our pick for this category with its foodie-level recipes, quality ingredients and accessible price point.

Purple Carrot taste

Based on our own testing, we feel that the flavor of its meals is directly connected to how they source their ingredients.

As part of its commitment to exciting vegan food, Purple Carrot pulls from nearly every culinary genre. There are standard options like their spinach artichoke mac and cheese and cauliflower fajita bowl. For the more adventurous, there is no shortage of exciting options. Some of our favorites included the Japanese yam sushi bowls, Thai peanut noodles and tamarind lentil dal.

Signup process for Purple Carrot

The website is straightforward. You’ll be able to see pictures of what their food looks like and read more about the company’s approach to plant-based food. The system is very user-friendly, even for people that aren’t the best at navigating technology. You can sign up using your email address or Google, Facebook or Apple Account.

Building a Purple Carrot weekly delivery

Once you put in your basic information, it will give you a screen to choose whether you want meal kits or prepared meals. At the time of this writing, you can only choose one or the other, not a combination of the two. Next, you’ll be able to choose the size of your shipment.

For meal kits, choose your desired serving size (2 or 4) and number of meals (2 to 4 depending on serving size). If you go with prepared meals, you can choose between 6, 8 and 10 meals per week.

The ability to build your meal delivery from scratch is a significant feature, especially since everything on their menu is vegan. It eliminates the hassle of trying to substitute meals you don’t enjoy. Since you can build it from scratch, Purple Carrot’s weekly deliveries are built to suit your preferences.

You will find that they give you a highly curated list of meal options each week. They are going for quality over quantity in their offerings. However, we didn’t find it too restricting when making choices.

Who Should Buy Purple Carrot?

This meal delivery service is going to be a great option for anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. Since they built it from the ground up to be a plant-based delivery service, it checks all the boxes from a nutritional and ideological perspective.

It will best serve people who prefer having a narrower selection of meal options, but that explore a wider range of flavor profiles.

Purple Carrot is ideal for:

  • Busy people that live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle
  • People that enjoy adventurous meal options
  • Individuals that like a healthy mix of middle eastern, Mediterranean and Asian-inspired recipes
  • Those that need a quickly prepared vegan meal

Overall, Purple Carrot takes the top spot for the best vegan meal delivery service by a wide margin. It can provide a seasonal menu that keeps things interesting. The food quality and overall taste far outweigh any other vegan option. If you are looking for a vegan option, this is worth considering.


  • Foodie-inspired menu
  • High-quality ingredients that are organic when possible
  • Continually changing, seasonal menu


  • Cost per meal is on the higher side
  • No ability to choose a combination of both meal kits and prepared meals

Key features:

  • Ships nationwide
  • Select up to 5, 7, 10 and 14 meals
  • Type: Prepared meals
  • 25+ rotating recipes per week
  • Compatible diets: Whole30, vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO organic produce, humanely raised protein

If you’re an athlete, proper nutrition is important for maximizing your health and operating at peak performance. There are a lot of demands that athletes place on their bodies. Proper fuel sources and nutrition can help aid in important aspects of an athlete’s body, including strength, agility, cognitive function, sleep and recovery.

Meal delivery services can be a game changer for athletes trying to juggle demanding training schedules and busy lifestyles. The trip to the grocery store and in the kitchen doing meal prep can take away hours from training or recovering. The problem is that most meal delivery services are not optimized to accommodate the specific dietary needs of athletes.

One kind of meal plan does not fit every athlete. Depending on the type of sport and training they do, athletes will need to tailor their meals to meet specific macronutrient requirements. It’s for this reason, Trifecta has become the meal delivery service of choice for a growing number of athletes.

Trifecta’s Approach to Meal delivery for Athletes

Trifecta was started by two siblings tired of overpriced frozen meals and hours spent preparing food. To fix this problem, they created Trifecta to be a food delivery system combining organic, healthy, good-tasting food cooked fresh and packaged safely at a reasonable price.

They take a goal-based approach to nutrition. This means that they craft meals to fuel their customers’ different goals in terms of health and athletics.

There are six meal plans to choose from; Paleo, Whole30, keto, clean eating, vegan and vegetarian, all common diets athletes use. Athletes need to have control over their nutrient sources and Trifecta does a good job of providing a baseline for athletes to start. Trifecta offers over 25 meals to choose from each week. Each meal is clearly marked with the total number of calories as well as how many grams of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Clearly marked macronutrients are a major reason we like Trifecta for athletes. Most athletes have specific macronutrient targets they need to hit each day. This can be different based on the sport or activity. Having this information clearly marked on the packaging can save valuable time. Other services we tried did not have this information on their packaging, which meant going onto the website repeatedly. Having this information front and center makes things a lot easier.

Trifecta’s ingredients are some of the cleanest we’ve seen in the food delivery space. Organic, whenever possible and humanely raised protein sources to ensure athletes get healthy meals every time. Regarding flavor and meal variety, we think Trifecta does a good job with both. The recipes may not be as adventurous as Purple Carrot, but they are very flavorful. They don’t offer as many meal options as Diet-to-Go, but we feel the variety changes often enough to keep you looking forward to your next meal.

The other thing you’ll notice about Trifecta is their sustainable and unique packaging. Meals are prepared, deeply chilled and packaged in a low-profile sealed container to prolong freshness. We found it easy to pack five or six of these meals in a single cooler bag or backpack.

The Trifecta signup process

The signup process is very simple. Once you click the getting started button, you’ll go to a signup window to build your eating plan. You can choose your diet and the number (5, 7, 10, 14) of meals you want each week. There’s an option to add breakfast to your plan. If you opt for breakfast, it will automatically add seven meals to your delivery.

You can select any ingredients you would like to exclude from your meals, such as shellfish, turkey, pork and duck. This is great since many athletes may have grown sick of certain ingredients and want to cycle off of them for a period. Once you’ve filled out this information, Trifecta will show you the cost of your meal plan and walk you through processing your payment.

Does Trifecta let you choose meals in your weekly delivery?

Trifecta does not let you select the specific meals if you go with a meal plan such as Paleo, keto or vegan. Instead, their team will curate a collection of meals based on your diet and the ingredient preferences you entered. If you want control of building every aspect of your meal delivery, Trifecta has an a la carte option that lets you choose each meal if you would like. Keep in mind that it drives the price up if this is your chosen route.

With that said, this “set it and forget it” approach is appealing to most athletes who simply want delicious, performance-boosting food without having to build their own meal delivery each week. We were hesitant about this approach but were pleasantly surprised at how well-curated our first shipment was.

Who Should Buy Trifecta Meals

Trifecta provides a great selection of foods aimed at helping you reach your goals. It’s an ideal fit for busy people that want to free up more time for their athletic activities and hectic schedules.

Trifecta is ideal for:

  • People who want a weekly delivery service without having to choose their meals
  • Individuals that want meals that transport well from the home, office and gym
  • Meals with macronutrients clearly labeled on each meal
  • A service that lets you add a breakfast option
  • Athletes that need meals tailored for specific approaches to eating, like keto and Whole30

While other brands are trying to break into the athletic meal delivery space, Trifecta’s commitment to ethically sourced and organic ingredients makes it our top choice. If you’re looking for clean meals that taste good without the hassle, Trifecta is a great option to look into.


  • Fast consistent shipping
  • Meals come in low-profile, easily transportable packages
  • Macronutrients are labeled on every meal
  • Ready to eat in a matter of minutes
  • Organic ingredients
  • Lets you exclude ingredients


  • No advanced notice on what meals they selected in the meal plan delivery
  • A la carte option offers flexibility but at a premium cost

Key features:

  • Nationwide shipping
  • Select between 4-12 meals per delivery
  • Single-serve prepared meals
  • Over 36 recipes to choose from each week
  • Compatible with plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free and low-carb diets
  • Ingredients are organic and gluten-free when possible

A gluten-free approach to eating has become an ideal option for many people. Even if you don’t suffer from a gluten allergy or intolerance, looking for ways to eliminate gluten can benefit your digestive system and overall health. Freshly is our top choice for the best gluten-free healthy meal delivery service because of their commitment to delivering most of their meals in a gluten-free form.

What is a gluten-free diet?

A gluten-free diet is an approach to eating that excludes consuming foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in barley, wheat and rye. There is some evidence that suggests eliminating gluten can help reduce or minimize the development of certain kinds of illnesses such as celiac disease.

Freshly’s Approach to Gluten-free Healthy Meal Delivery

This brand markets itself as the most flexible meal delivery service on the market.

Freshly has designed its meals to offer choices that fit a variety of diets and lifestyles. They have options that serve plant-based, dairy-free, low carb and low-calorie customers. The good news? Nearly all of these meals are also gluten-free. You’ll find the gluten-free options clearly labeled when you go through the list of meals. We found this made building our weekly delivery much faster than other platforms we used.

This service offers you the option of ordering four to twelve meals per weekly shipment. Instead of dividing up their menu along different diets like its competitors, Freshly allows you to build your own package from their entire list of meal options. Special dietary considerations such as gluten-free and dairy-free are listed below the name of every meal. We feel that this creates a more user-friendly ordering experience.

Instead of having them populate your meal plan and then going through swapping out the ones you don’t want, Freshly’s approach lets you get the plan you want out of the gate. With that said, it can be a bit more challenging for gluten-free customers that want to pair it with another form of eating, such as keto, Paleo or vegan. You’ll need to click the details of each meal you are considering to see their list of ingredients. The silver lining is that every meal lists their ingredients on the top of the page description for quick reference.

Where Freshly shines is in their food quality and taste. Their single-serving prepared meals are some of the best-tasting gluten-free options we’ve tested. We could taste the difference in their meals compared to other services that just seemed to incorporate gluten-free as something to check off of their list. We feel their recipes are the ideal balance of exciting flavors that can still be sustainable over long periods of eating.

Another feature we like is that Freshly allows you to add additional protein and sides à la carte. It’s a great option for people that need additional protein or calories for their meals. Some customers mention they like sharing their meals with another person and having the additional protein helps make that possible. For example, if you are currently in a muscle-building program or increasing your strength by throwing around bumper plates at your local functional fitness facility, you can order additionally prepared chicken breasts to help meet your protein requirements.

The Freshly signup process

When you hit the signup button, you must enter your name and delivery zip code. Next, you’ll be instructed to select your weekly meal quantity. It’s very flexible, letting you choose between four and twelve meals.

Keep in mind that the more you order, the lower the cost per meal. Based on the users we spoke to, the most common package is six meals per week. It’s a decent cost saving while not being so much food that leftover servings take up space in the back of the freezer.

Freshly will give you a choice of delivery days based on your location and the number of meals you’ve chosen. During our signup, they gave us five days to choose from. From there, all that’s left is to select your meals.

The menu selection interface is one of the most user-friendly builders we’ve seen in any category. Each meal has a picture and description with an easy plus button to add them. This menu lets you filter for gluten-free only options and a range of other criteria.

If you choose more meals than the plan you selected initially, Freshly will automatically adjust your current shipment and calculate the additional savings and cost accordingly.

You’ll go to the checkout screen that will show your cost and the breakdown of the meals you’ve selected. Once you hit submit, Freshly will take it from there and get your meals put together.

Who Should Buy Freshly

Freshly is a great option for people looking for the best gluten-free meal delivery option currently on the market. While it offers meal options for various eating approaches, most of its menu is gluten-free. We appreciate they seem to put a lot of thought into crafting gluten-free dishes that are flavorful and well-executed.

Freshly is ideal for

  • Busy people that need quick, healthy meal options
  • Individuals that need gluten-free meals that taste good
  • Gluten-free eaters that need meals that can travel from home to the office or gym
  • People looking for an easy meal delivery experience
  • Individuals that want to incorporate other forms of eating into their gluten-free lifestyle

Freshly has quickly become one of the top choices for gluten-free meal delivery. Their selections clearly display ingredients and macronutrients, making it easy to build a plan that meets your daily needs. We like its gluten-free first approach paired with a reasonable price point.


  • Most meals are gluten-free
  • Great flavor profiles and recipes
  • Cost of meals goes down the more you buy
  • Clear ingredients list


  • Delivery window can be limited depending on your shipping location
  • Can be more expensive if only selecting the minimum number of meals
Mosaic Foods

Key features:

  • Ships nationwide
  • Plans can include 6, 12 or 18 meals per delivery
  • Deliveries can be scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly
  • Type (meal kit, prepared, etc.)
  • Over 40 meal options to choose from
  • Compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Ingredients are organic, seasonal and locally sourced when possible

Finding solid vegetarian and vegan options can be difficult. Especially in rural areas, it’s hard to find flavorful meal options that you don’t have to make yourself from scratch. The good news is that there has been an explosion of meal delivery services that can get quality vegetarian meals wherever you live.

Of the host of incredible options, it is the vegetarian meals from Mosaic Foods that top our list for best meal delivery for vegetarians. The founders started the company on a mission to deliver plant-centric meals that tasted great. The results have been tremendous.

What is a vegetarian

Vegetarianism is an approach to eating that abstains from the consumption of meat. This can be for a host of health and ideological reasons. Some research suggests a vegetarian diet can help reduce arthritis inflammation, reduce cholesterol and help regulate blood pressure.

How Mosaic Foods Approaches Vegetarian Meal Delivery

For us, Mosaic foods are an ideal option because they are created to be heavily plant-based. Rather than being an afterthought like with other delivery services we tried, vegetarian and vegan meals are the entirety of why they exist.

Being based in New York City plays a major role in their success. The New York City food scene has been the home of some of the greatest vegetarian restaurants and culinary pioneers for decades. Mosaic has taken that rich history and culture and infused it into their own ready to eat meals.

In fact, one of our favorite parts about this brand is Mosaic+, which are meals that are inspired and developed by some of the most renowned plant-based chefs in the nation. All their ingredients are seasonal organic whenever possible and locally sourced. Most of their meals are made with whole ingredients with minimal processing.

In terms of flavor and originality, Mosaic Foods pulls inspiration from a wide range of cultures. While they are exciting, they normally use flavors that appeal to a wide range of vegetarians. Their vegetarian take on traditional meat dishes is a fantastic alternative that takes it to another level. For example, their Shepherd’s pie made of curried lentils provides a meaty flavor and texture while being plant-based.

Building a Mosaic Foods delivery box

It’s important to note that Mosaic Foods is not just a weekly food delivery service. You can order a box of their food as needed or choose a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly delivery schedule. This is an ideal situation for people that don’t have a consistent schedule and want something that can be shipped to them as needed or with more time between deliveries.

This may be a great option if you have meals leftover from a traditional delivery service and end up throwing them away or stuffing them in the freezer and forgetting about them. Mosaic meals are frozen and can be safely stored in your freezer for several months. This increases your flexibility regarding when you have to consume your meals.

When you are ready to place an order with Mosaic, you can select a box of six, twelve or eighteen meals. Don’t worry; you can always change this during the meal choice section if you want more or less.

It’s important to note that besides single-serve prepared meals, Mosaic lets you build your box with things like family meals (4-serving portions), smoothies and even pizzas. Mosaic’s variety makes it appealing for people that may want meals that fit different situations, like a vegetarian family dinner or a vegan movie pizza night.

The price of your box will depend on the items you select. We wish they would add the ability to see the cost of your box tabulated in real-time while you are adding meals. As of the time of this writing, you will need to complete your selection and go to the payment screen to see your grand total.

However, building a Mosaic food delivery box is an enjoyable experience. We appreciate that you can build it whenever you need it and select from a range of options besides prepared single-serve meals.

The Mosaic Foods signup process

As with the other brands we’ve featured, Mosaic has invested heavily in their online ordering platform to be as user-friendly as possible. You’ll put in your name and delivery zip code when you hit the getting started button.

If you are within their shipping area, you will then select the size of your box. You can choose from a six, twelve or eighteen-meal box. The twelve and eighteen boxes offer free shipping. You can adjust your box up or down later on. From there, Mosaic brings you to their menu, which has several categories to choose from, including smoothies, veggie bowls, family meals and pizzas.

You can use the filter feature to display only vegetarian or vegan options. Add the items that you want and they will form a list on the right-hand side of your screen. For more details on any meal, you can click on the image.

After making your selection and going to the checkout page, you can choose your delivery frequency (every 1,2, 3 or 4 weeks), choose your first delivery date and see any discounts you may have earned.

Who Should Buy Mosaic Foods?

Mosaic has exploded over the last few months for good reason. Their approach to plant-centric foods has made it an ideal choice for vegetarians from all over the country looking for flavorful meals. It’s an ideal option for vegetarians looking for meals designed for single-serve, family and social gatherings on a flexible delivery schedule that caters to their needs.

Mosaic Foods is ideal for

  • Individuals looking for a meal delivery service that is focused on vegetarian options
  • Quick and easy meals that are ready within minutes
  • The ability to add smoothies to their delivery
  • People that want to enjoy healthy vegetarian foods with others
  • Have access to specially developed meals by renowned chefs

Overall, Mosaic Foods is one of the most exciting food delivery services to come out in a while. The fact that they are plant-focused makes it a great option for people looking to incorporate more vegetarian and vegan options into their daily lives. Its flexible delivery options between one and four weeks apart remove the need to worry about skipping a weekly order just to be on your desired schedule with other services.


  • Centered on plant-based meals
  • Offers different food options aside from single-serve prepared meals
  • Allows you to add smoothies, pizzas and family-style meals
  • Great flavor and chef-curated recipes
  • Flexible shipping options let you select delivery every one to four weeks
  • Solid customer support


  • Can be a more expensive option compared to competitors

Key features:

  • Ships nationwide
  • Order 2-6 meals per week for up to 4 people
  • Meal kits
  • 60+ meal options each week
  • Compatible with Paleo, Whole30, plant-based and pescatarian diets
  • Fairtrade fish, seasonal ingredients, sustainably sourced

For many spouses and parents, making sure your family and loved ones eat a healthy, balanced meal is incredibly important. As of 2020, families in the United States spend an average of $11,945 dollars per person on healthcare. The good news is that food can play a major role in helping to keep your family healthy. The Harvard School of Public Health states that a high-fiber plant-rich diet can support the growth and maintenance of beneficial microbes that stimulate immune cell activity. It’s for this reason so many families are taking a hard look at food quality as a cost-effective way to help protect their members from the risk of preventable illnesses and diseases.

The good news is that there are solutions to make the process a lot easier than before. Busy families rarely have enough time between activities and different schedules to visit the grocery store and spend hours preparing food. That’s where meal delivery services come into the picture. Of the ones we’ve tested, Hello Fresh is our pick as the best healthy meal delivery service for families.

How Hello Fresh Approaches Healthy Family Meal Delivery

It’s important to note that HelloFresh provides meal kits only. There is not a single-serve, prepared meal option available. Their meals are meant to be shared between two and four people. While you won’t be able to whip up a meal in three minutes or less like a Trifecta meal, HelloFresh meal kits cut preparation time down considerably. On the delivery day you’ve selected, they will send you meal kits with every ingredient you need to execute the recipes you’ve ordered.

One thing we appreciate about HelloFresh is that they keep the cooking tools to a minimum. Of the recipes we’ve tried, none required anything beyond basic pots, pans and skillets. While our plating left something to be desired, we were impressed at how we could consistently produce a great-tasting meal. A major reason we’ve chosen HelloFresh is because they are accessible to people of all skill levels which is important if you are cooking with family members of different ages.

HelloFresh also has one of the largest menus to choose from. There are over sixty options every week and you can change your order from week to week. A consistent challenge for most families is finding a dish that they will all eat. This company does a good job with providing enough options to accommodate different preferences. We found the meals to be fresh and high quality. If food sourcing is important to you, their website provides a list of their key suppliers, so you know where the food is coming from.

The nutrient breakdown of the meals are very balanced. While there are low carb options, most of the meals offer the recommended balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The HelloFresh signup process

The company has recently overhauled their online ordering platform to be more user friendly. When you select to get started, you’ll select your plan next. There are six categories to choose from, which include:

  • Meat and veggies
  • Veggie/plant-based
  • Family friendly
  • Fit & wholesome
  • Quick & easy
  • Pescatarian

You can modify your plan and choose between two and four servings per meal and up to six recipes to be included in your shipment. You won’t have to go anywhere to see the price breakdown of your selection. This is better than other platforms that wait till the last screen before they tell you how much. After you’ve completed your shipping and billing information, you’ll go to the last screen to select your meals.

Who Should Sign up for HelloFresh

HelloFresh is an ideal choice for busy families that still want to make healthy meals a priority. It’s ideal for people with basic skills that still want to put out something flavorful. Modifying and skipping shipments are very easy, which is essential for families that have schedules that are constantly changing.

Finally, we recommend HelloFresh for families that want to cut down on their grocery shopping and food prep time but don’t need food to be prepared in a couple of minutes.

Overall, HelloFresh is a healthy, cost-effective solution for families that are looking for an easy way to enhance their health and connection through food.


  • Large selection of meals
  • Lots of shipping options
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • One of the most affordable options available
  • Offers plant-based options
  • Easy delivery modifications


  • No way to adjust the delivery frequency aside from manually skipping a shipment.

How to Choose the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service for You

Finding the best meal delivery option for your needs can get overwhelming. Hopefully, this roundup has helped narrow your search. Let’s look at some things to keep in mind to make the best choice.

Dietary needs

Make sure to take into account your desired eating approach. Are you going Paleo or vegan? Go with a delivery service that provides well-reviewed meals that match your dietary needs. For example, HelloFresh has a lot of five-star reviews, but our team went with Mosaic Foods as the best vegetarian option because of its focus on that audience and chef-inspired plant-based recipes. If you’re an athlete going with a service like Trifecta may be a better fit than Diet-to-Go.

Weekly budget

Quality, healthy food can be accessible at nearly any budget. You’ll want to find a service that has a cost-per-meal that fits your budget. Some services offer quantity discounts. If they come frozen, it may be a great way to stock up on healthy meals at a lower price.

Meal kit or pre-made meals

While the idea of putting together a meal kit may sound fun, you’ll want to go with a solution that works with your schedule and lifestyle. The key is to go with a service that allows you to be consistent and easy enough that you’re not reaching for takeout menus. Some users we’ve talked with opt for a prepared, single-serve meal service weekly and order a few meal kits a la carte from another service like Purple Carrot or Mosaic Foods.

How we Chose the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

We made our selection after testing and reviewing dozens of the best healthy meal delivery services. Our team has leveraged its decades of experience in health and wellness and measured these services on criteria that include:

  • Quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing
  • Based on sound, science-backed data
  • Real-world user experience
  • Delivery flexibility
  • User-friendly ordering interface
  • Pricing and overall value

Taking the above factors into account, we were able to find the best healthy food delivery services that are ideal for various dietary needs and situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can prepared meal delivery services be healthy?

Finding a healthy meal delivery service is possible. It’s important to make sure they make their meals fresh, from high-quality ingredients that are free from preservatives and chemicals. The beauty of a weekly service is that you can eat healthy meals that do not require preservatives or high amounts of sodium to stay viable.

Are healthy meal delivery services worth it?

Generally, health meal delivery services are worth it for people that want to eat healthy without spending large amounts of time cooking. If you live in an area that lacks healthy options, a meal delivery service can help.

What meal delivery service offers the best value?

Most of the delivery options we’ve included offer tremendous value. However, the best value for you will depend on your dietary needs, meal frequency and whether you go with a service with quantity discounts. With that said, Diet-to-Go and HelloFresh are repeatedly mentioned by users for their value.

What is the difference between a meal kit versus pre-made meals?

Pre-made meals are dishes that are prepared before being shipped to your home. They are usually cookies, chilled or frozen and packaged. They are reheated in the microwave providing food that is ready to eat within minutes of opening. A meal kit contains all the ingredients and instructions you need to prepare a meal in your kitchen. You will be the one that cooks the meal.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great healthy food delivery options. It’s important to choose a service that accommodates your nutritional needs and that makes it easy for you to stay consistent. Many of the services above offer introductory pricing on your first order. If you’re still unsure, trying a few might be a great option. We hope this roundup helps provide the clarity you need to make the best choice for your goals.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of publish time.

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