5 Additions To Make Your Vegan Restaurant Stand Out

Owning a restaurant specializing in vegan food and beverages can feel intimidating, especially with local competition popping up left and right. Here are vegan restaurant additions you can make to stand out from the rest.

Use Marketing to Your Advantage

Word of mouth, printed ads, billboards, and reviews are ways to get new customers to walk through the door. While many business owners believe that all publicity is good, it’s crucial that you have a positive reputation to gain attention from new customers.

Marketing is a fantastic way to get attention. From giving out loyalty program points to having an entire menu info board, you can give customers an idea of what kind of vegan restaurant you are.

Refresh Your Menu Regularly

Sometimes changing up your restaurant menu can make a considerable difference. For example, when you’re creating a vegan menu, you’ll want to consider allergens, ingredients, and how you resource each ingredient. Changing your menu can keep your options interesting for customers and helps keep you mindful of what’s in your food.

Make your menu fun and interesting by changing it around each season, holiday, or restaurant milestone. For instance, if Halloween is around the corner, create themed menu items centered around playful, spooky ideas.

Host Events and Parties

There’s something fun about attending a party or event at your favorite restaurant. If you want to help bring customers into your vegan restaurant, consider hosting live shows, tasting events, and other activities that improve your reputation.

Host a vegan food-tasting event where customers can provide feedback on your menu ideas and help you become more familiar with your audience. You can also host trivia nights, D&D campaigns, card-playing parties, book clubs, and much more.

Add or Upgrade Your Bar Area

An addition you can make to your vegan restaurant that will help it stand out is renovation and upgrading appliances. Also, adding updated seating, a bar menu, and other fresh touches can bring in more people.

You can also replace your traditional bar top with a metal one for a rustic, lower-maintenance feel that’s also visually eye-catching. Brass bar tops are an excellent addition due to their durability and antibacterial properties, and they develop a patina over time.

Make Customers Feel at Home

When you hear a customer telling you that your business is a home away from home, you know you’ve done an excellent job of making your vegan restaurant hospitable and comfortable. However, if you’re struggling with retaining customers in your vegan restaurant, consider how you treat them. Try adding comfortable seating, lounge areas, interactive activities, and Wi-Fi. While a restaurant should feel hospitable for eating and socializing, try to focus on quiet and relaxation for those who need to get out of the house

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