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Euclid City Council recently unanimously approved the NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions Recommendations Report accepting it as an official addendum to the City’s Master Plan.

NXTGEN has worked alongside Euclid for a while providing consulting services for sustainability and clean energy options. The efforts of their services were often shown through a report that offered environmentally friendly, clean energy options that could help Euclid meet their goal of achieving a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030.

This effort is directly related to a resolution passed in October 2020, authorizing the city of Euclid to become a Power A Clean Future Ohio community and adopt a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the city.

The NXTGEN report evaluated city properties, schools, residential neighborhoods, and applicable businesses to determine a path for achieving the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal. They propose the use of clean energy sources such as wind generation from micro wind turbines and solar energy solutions.

Additional plans within their report include the electrification of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and the supporting infrastructure for charging stations within the city including the installation of a dual plug level 2 EV charging station that is projected to cost $20,000.

“The city of Euclid is committed to making Euclid a sustainable city,” said Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer-Gail. “This Clean Energy Solutions Recommendation Report provides a blueprint for the city, local businesses and residents to all do their part to help us protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Holzheimer-Gail said that although the plan is a large investment for Euclid, NXTGEN offers when managed correctly, can substantially reduce clean energy generation project costs for future plans.

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