Autogrill opens new and improved EXKi 2.0 at Brussels Airport

Delicious, healthy and sustainable cuisine in a renewed concept for travellers on the go

Autogrill, the leading global operator in food & beverage services for travellers, opens a brand new and improved EXKi store in the departure hall of Brussels Airport. The hurried and notsohurried traveller can easily pass by the new 2.0 concept from the Belgian restaurant chain committed to sustainable, healthy and local food. Many new features improve upon the original EXKi concept transforming it into a 2.0 branch with an even bigger eye on sustainability.

New Grab & Go concept for the hurried or notsohurried traveller

The new EXKi 2.0 is located in the central departure hall, next to Brussels Airport’s newest bookstore WHSmith and opposite Le Pain Quotidien. This new concept offers travellers the ability to buy healthy and sustainable refreshments and snacks, quickly and efficiently. The 217 store provides seating for travellers who wish to consume on-site, 21 terrace seatings, 66 inside seatings, 6 high coffee counters and 4 high tables are at their disposal. The store also benefits from several improvements to the existing concept to make it even more convenient for travellers on the go who wish to enjoy their meal elsewhere at the airport or on a flight. They will benefit from the new automatic refrigerator doors with improved impact on sustainability or the new coffee service which allows them to pick up a coffee right away after ordering and paying at the selfservice display. The renewed Grab & Go concept ensures the hurried traveller a quick pass through.

Better food for a cleaner environment

At EXKi, healthy and sustainably sourced food forms the basis of the formula. This includes respect for clients, products, the environment and the team involved. The menu follows the seasons of local agriculture with 4 changes per year. The brand offers food for everyone, including people with food allergies or an unusual diet, the vegan and glutenfree options are just as varied and delicious as the other meals. Another example of their desire for clean and healthy food is the fairtrade origin of chocolate, bananas and milk. Tap water is free of charge in the establishment, so you can always swing by and refill your water bottle. The branch is doing everything for a green vision policy, and not just in terms of food. EXKi also actively reduces its waste to minimize its impact on the environment. The branch has managed to reduce its plastic consumption by 83% since 2008.

Frédéric Rouvez, CEO at EXKi: Our DNA is showed stronger than ever with this new EXKi 2.0 and we keep developing it every day. With this new restaurant we show again that delicious, healthy, sustainable and environmentfriendly food is possible, also for travelers on the go.

Thibault Jouy, COO Belgium at Autogrill: ” At Autogrill, we are delighted to operate this new concept of EXKi at Brussels Airport. It’ll be a wonderful addition to the busy airport environment and for passing travellers. This renewed concept, where durability and food are combined, will make sure that the passengers have a new favourite spot to relax or to get their food on the move. Autogrill’s decades of experience in food and beverages across the world combined with EXKi’s expertise in durable food enables us to offer travellers meals for on the go that are delicious, healthy and sustainable.”

Hey you, frequent traveller, start your New Year’s resolutions strong with EXKi!

Frequent travellers often struggle to eat nutritiously and healthily on the go. At Brussels Airport, EXKi now enables them to concretize new year’s resolutions for a clean and healthy start with locally sourced and fresh ingredients and easy and quick access to delicious and authentic meals.

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