AREC says new city project strategic, key to sustainable development | Business

Ammon News – The Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC) on Wednesday affirmed that the new smart city project is strategic and supports the future of the Kingdom’s sustainable development.

The AREC said in a statement that such a scheme requires building factories, universities, parks, schools, and markets, as well as providing infrastructure for electric cars, alternative energy, bioenergy, and wastewater recycling, highlighting that smart or sustainable cities have become a modern requirement.

“The project will provide an advanced transportation network based on renewable energy and green hydrogen,” it indicated.

AREC Secretary General Muhammad Al Taani confirmed that smart cities reduce traffic jams and congestion, expressing hope to establish three sustainable cities in the northern, southern, and central regions to ensure sustainable urban planning with energy, water, and food security.

The project will create thousands of job opportunities for youths and will attract large investments, he added.

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