Alicia Silverstone treats 2000 Mumbai youngsters with vegan food

Golden Globe nominee actress Alicia Silverstone treated more than 2000 youngsters at Mumbai’s municipal schools to ‘super shakti’ vegan breakfasts and also contributed to the feeding of over 2000 community animals.

She said, “With India emerging as a global leader in film, technology, and other areas, vitamin- and protein-packed vegan foods can give its youngsters the best chance to succeed”.

The vegan breakfasts contained vitamin C-rich corn khichdi, jowar popcorn, and protein-packed kala chana chaat.

The actress joined hands with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) with the giveaway coordinated through the Akshaya Chaitanya Foundation.

Silverstone mentioned, “I’m happy to join my friends at PETA India in celebrating the country’s National Youth Day by treating Mumbai schoolchildren to healthy vegan starts to their day. And as animals are loved by children and are members of our communities, thousands of them are being fed, too”.


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