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Soul Veg City is one of the most iconic restaurants in America, a restaurant that inspired copycats.

Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago

It seems like every month or two, there’s a new vegan restaurant opening in Chicago even during a time that has been very challenging for the industry as a whole. One can find plant-based food on most Chicago menus these days but when it comes to dedicated vegan restaurants, some essential spots stand above the rest.

From Korean food to soul food, messy burgers to virtuous bowls, sweet splurges to vegetable-forward plates that arrive at the table Instagram-ready, you can find it all in Chicago these days whether you are a newbie, a long-time vegan, just dabbling, or wanting to accommodate a group with different dietary needs. With the new year around the corner, it may be a good time to check out some of these culinary options that are good for the planet, better for the body, great for the animals, and utterly delicious on their own.

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