The Best Eco Friendly Gifts To Give

There is one thing we all share–the Earth upon which we live, and it’s important for us all to do our very best to protect it, since it’s currently the only planet we’ve got.

Selfishly, many eco-friendly products are actually good for us as well as the planet, using natural ingredients or made with environmentally conscious methods that will make our own lives better. There aren’t many of us who can make a giant impact on the Earth, since most of us aren’t billionaires or full-time ecological warriors. 

We have jobs, after all. But the good news is that even small changes in habits and consumption can make a big difference on the health of the planet in the long run.

One way to remain conscientious about consumption is to choose eco-friendly gifts for your friends (or for yourself), so we’ve put together a list of our top 12 eco-friendly products that make great gifts and help the environment.

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$44 at Happy Earth Apparel

As one who has severe wool allergies, we’re always on the hunt for a great alternative scarf, and this 100% organic cotton flannel shawl fits the bill. It’s soft, warm, and breathable. It’s also fair-trade certified from factories in India, uses rainwater for irrigation when growing the cotton, and is carbon-neutral. Plus it’s beautiful.

$30 at UncommonGoods

Plants are great for our homes, as they take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, acting as natural air purifiers. Plus they’re nice to look at, but sometimes hard to keep. For your friends with less-than-green thumbs, these paper-based moisture monitors change color when your plant needs watering, helping you keep them healthy and strong. The indicator will biodegrade into the soil on its own after around two to four months.

$49.99 at Amazon

Campfires are fun, but they can also be dangerous to the woods around them, as many wildfires are started with careless campfires. The Radiate XL Campfire is a portable fire pit that’s eight inches wide, is easy to light, and simple to clean up. There’s no smoky smell but it has the same look and feel as a real campfire with three to five hours of burn time. They’re made from recycled soy wax and recycled paper to minimize their footprint on the planet.

$18 at UncommonGoods

We shudder to think how much plastic wrap we use on cheese each week, but these little silicone caps will eliminate the need for plastic wrap to keep cheese blocks fresh. The set comes in five different sizes for all your cheese and butter needs, and will make sure your delicious eats don’t lose their delicate taste.

$49.99 at Amazon

For your friends who don’t have a big backyard or suitable place to compost, but hate to think about throwing out all those food scraps, simplehuman has designed a countertop compost bin. It comes with a magnetic docking system that allows it to hang out on the side of your trash can. A charcoal filter minimizes the odors associated with composting, so you can turn your food scraps into plant food without stinking up the whole house.

$18 at UncommonGoods

Brighten up any kitchen (or guest bathroom) with this brilliant patchwork towel made from repurposed cotton saris. They’re handmade by community artisans in India, so each one is uniquely beautiful and colorful. Simply, a great housewarming present that will delight for years.

$50 at Amazon

While it might seem like a lot to pay for a water bottle, this one is special. Each one funds the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles from the ocean waters, collected by local communities and exchanged for things like tuition, money, and healthcare. So the bottle cleans the oceans and helps uplift communities around the world. And it’s a great water bottle, replacing single-use plastic bottles every time you use it.

$45 at UncommonGoods

Wine bottles get a new life as jewelry thanks to a Georgia-based maker. The scrap bottles are fused with frosted glass in a kiln and then formed into these one-of-a-kind earrings. Which means your gift is unique and eco-friendly as it is keeping wine bottles out of landfills.

$199.99 at Amazon

Sparkling water is all the rage with tons of flavors to pick from, but that can also mean tons of single-use plastic bottles. They’ll love making their own fizzy water with the SodaStream, available in four colors. Just fill the included bottle with regular water, add fizz from the Co2 cartridge, and flavor! Each cartridge creates enough sparkling water to replace 126 single-use bottles.

$34.95 at Amazon

For your friends and family who make their own cleaning products, they need reusable and refillable glass bottles to store their cleaning concoctions. These glass bottles from Tirtyl come with silicone sleeves to keep bottles from getting too slippery or ruining surfaces like counters. The bottles are also carbon-neutral in their manufacturing and they collect one pound of ocean plastic with every set sold.

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