Best Café Patron alternatives: Mr Black, Cazcabel and more


h, remember the days when Patron XO Café was available at every corner shop, online retailer and supermarket… we didn’t realise how lucky we were.

The good news is that since Bacardi ceased production of the super smooth, delicious liqueur back in 2021, to much backlash from us coffee-tequila lovers (enough to even warrant the creation of an online petition to bring it back…), plenty of alternatives have been popping up left, right, and centre.

From single-origin to cold brew, there are vodka, tequila, mezcal and rum options from the likes of Sydney-based Mr. Black, Mexican-made Cazcabel, or Dead Man’s Fingers, which is crafted a little closer to home in the heart of St. Ives, so anyone who likes their coffee with a kick will be satisfied.

Whether you prefer it simply over ice or shaken in an espresso martini, no drinks trolley is complete without a coffee flavoured bottle – and it makes for a great gift, too. Keep scrolling to discover our favourites that we’re sure will become a permanent fixture in your spirit rotation.

Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 50cl


A cold brew coffee liqueur, Mr. Black is made using top grade wheat vodka and speciality coffee beans – and it’s one of the best on the market.

FAIR. Café liqueur 70cl


Having won a range of awards, FAIR is a hot favourite. Crafted in France, FAIR’s tipple is made using responsibly sourced coffee and sugar for a drink that’s Fairtrade certified. Infused with Arabica beans roasted slowly to extract the best flavours, it’s a richly tasting spirit that’s extracted after a three week maceration process.

Bandero Premium Tequila Café 70cl


Perhaps the most similar to Café Patron in this edit, Bandero is smooth yet dry, with notes of fresh roasted coffee, chocolate and vanilla. A premium tequila-based spirit that certainly fills the gap in the market.

Sierra Milenario Tequila Liqueur 70cl


With a graphic white and orange label, Sierra Milenario will perk up any drinks trolley or bar stand. Enriched with roasted Arabica coffee beans, you’ll taste notes of chocolate, vanilla, and summer fruits. A true Mexican classic.

Vivir Café coffee tequila liqueur 700ml


An award winning liqueur, Vivir Café’s coffee tequila is naturally flavoured with coffee beans sourced locally to the distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Delicious served over ice or blended in a super smooth espresso martini.

Cazcabel Coffee Liqueur with Tequila Blanco 70cl


With sweet notes of vanilla, agave and chocolate, Cazcabel Coffee is super smooth and rich, and the perfect option for shots or cocktails.

Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum


Well known for top quality rum, Cornwall based Dead Man’s Fingers offer a range of flavours, from coconut to hazelnut, and, of course, coffee. Inspired by flavours local to St. Ives, it’s brimming with Cornish soul.

Ojo De Dios Odd Café Mezcal 700ml


Made by a third-generation mezcal producer, Ojo de Dios is made using a tequila distilled in copper pots that’s blended with Mexican arabica coffee grown at the highest point of the Oaxacan mountains. A luxurious treat.

MYST Coffee Tequila Liqueur

Master of Malt

A sweeter choice, MYST’s offering blends silver tequila with coffee for an easily drinkable liqueur brimming with creamy chocolatey goodness.

El Sueño Coffee Liqueur 70cl

Master of Malt

A blend of silver tequila and Mexican beans, El Sueño has an irresistible rich and aromatic flavour that will keep you coming back for more.

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