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The once dormant religious shrine of Sri Vaishnava cult led by hardcores at Tirumala has now become an harbinger of not just Dharmic activities but also transformed into a role model conservatory of Bhakti cult, Vedic knowledge, education and healthcare and also service to society.

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Opinion: TTD’s golden era

Path breaking programs to sensitise people on significance of Vedic rituals and Sanatana Hindu dharma , transforming Tirumala into a sought after pilgrim centre , and positioning TTD ( Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) into a premier healthcare and educational institution.

The once dormant religious shrine of Sri Vaishnava cult led by hardcores at Tirumala has now become an harbinger of not just Dharmic activities but also transformed into a role model conservatory of Bhakti cult, Vedic knowledge, education and healthcare and also service to society

From 2019 onwards the TTD management has been looking into issues beyond VIP facilitation ,Srivari Darshan , laddu Prasadam and annual utsavas . Though devotees contributions into the Srivari Hundi is pouring in seamless funds daily , TTD under the stewardship of Its chairman Y V Subba Reddy set out to utilise its hidden resources for common good .

The pandemic covid and lockdowns in 2020 and guidelines by GOI and state governments which restricted footfalls to the hill shrine has been utilised as a period to refocus ,reorient policies , take up reforms and modernisation of infrastructure. Improvised services,easy Srivari Darshan ,better infrastructure at Tirumala and efficient administration has attracted not only devotees but donors ,corporates and professionals to TTD.

Most significant was ban on plastic bottles in Tirumala, only one pilgrim Center to implement in the country.Even AP government utilised TTD infrastructure to deliver services and showcased Tirumala as a model .

Dharmic renaissance

To satisfy the ardent devotees yearning for Srivari Darshan TTD introduced virtual arjita sevas by launching telecast of these rituals.The Brahmotsavam at Tirumala and also .Tiruchanoor etc were live telecast in 2020 and 2021 as well. TTD launched a series of unique Dharmic programs . They include Gudi-ko- Gomata , popularising Gopuja , temple building under Srivani trust , Parayanams of Balakanda, Bhagavathams Vaibhavotsams ,Karthika Deepotsavam etc .

The Srivani trust has raised ₹450 crore till date and taken up building of Srivari temples( also temples of folk deities,Ramalayas etc ) in ST/SC/ BC and fishermen hamlets of all 26 districts .at ₹10 lakhs each . The program included 1342 temples of which 502 are ready . TTD has also taken up building Kalyana Mandapams and Bhajan Mandirs in a big way to promote dharmic sentiments and Bhakti awareness among devotees .

Financial stability

After he took charge as 50th chairman of TTD on june23,2019 and again resumed a second term on August 11,2021 YV Subba Reddy has driven TTD to become a service organisation rather than an white elephant.

Among major financial initiatives were timely shifting of FD worth ₹1200 crore in Yes Bank ,issuing a white paper on TTD assets ( 1128 assets of 8038.38 acres) and gold deposits in banks ( 10,258 kgs and ₹15,938 crore) .

Devotees welfare activities

During this period TTD cancelled the colonial VIP darshan categories like L1 for big shots, L2, L3 for others . Among others rationalised temple administration by making VIP darshan and Kalyan laddus available to common man without recommendation letters ,Mada street galleries opened up for utsava Darshan of vahana sevas.

Partnership with corporates

TTD made headways in partnering with donors including corporate groups and research groups in extensive utilisation of TTD resources ,land assets at Tirumala,Tirupati etc for promoting devotee cum service and eco friendly initiatives

Prominent among the 1) flower gardens over 7 acres with Sri City group ( besides sacred gardens on 10 acres near Shila thoranam, 25 acres of sandalwood near Go Garbham dam ) ,2) GMR and others promoting green gardens inside Vaikuntam complex etc, 3) Corporates from VIZAG providing lure RO water at Tirumala and Tirupati ,4) Electric buses provided by a auto giant ,5) organic farming including training farmers , 6) use for gods left over flowers for making portrait,etc with Dry flower technology of YSR horticultural university,7) making agarbatti’s with a technology collaboration, 8) Pancha gavya products from cow urine and cow dung

TTD is now promoting healthcare in a big way with Children’s heart operations at Children’s super specialty hospital ( Sri Padmavati Hridayalaya), introduced Cleft lip and and cleft palates operation at BIRRD hospital in association with US based Smile Train organisation, and transformed SVIMS into a country’s major super speciality Medicare institution.

Very few are aware that eminent doctors ,professional bankers educationists render service in TTD hospitals, Parakamani( money counting unit) and TTD educational institutions .

Over year’s TTD once a mundane religious institution has bloomed into a service organisation. Most of its hospitals have bagged ISO badges and educational institutions clocked NAC recognitions.

Corporate companies and professionals do not hesitate to enter into collaboration for people oriented development schemes and programs .TTD in collaboration with TMC( Tirupati Municipal Corporation) is building Srinivasa Sethu in Tirupati.

TTD’s expertise in mass transport,hospitality and healthcare has earned its state government support and also collaboration in relief and development activities .TTD handled Covid-19 shelters for AP government with both food and Medicare for entire Rayalaseema.

No doubt the transparency and efficiency in administration ,commitment and service orientation has earned the confidence donors to Srivari hundis in a big way . Contributions to hundis are swelling day by day . Last week during Vaikunta Ekadasi festivities TTD raised ₹39 crores and ₹7.68 crores on a single day setting all time records .

The brimming coffers and increased footfalls also brought huge responsibility on TTD to keep up public confidence and deliver services to people: devotees in temples, patients in hospitals,students in educational institutions in addition to its charity and religious agenda which is its core activity .That brings the need for able leadership of men capabilities at helm of affairs of even religious institutions.


By Dr. Sammeta Vijaya Kumar


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