Our review of the ‘vegan version of McDonald’s McRib’ at VGN Boulevard in Stourbridge

Senior reporter James Vukmirovic gives the VGN Rib a try at VGN Boulevard
Senior reporter James Vukmirovic gives the VGN Rib a try at VGN Boulevard

I have enjoyed steaks cooked to perfection, made meals like jambalaya and chilli con carne and visited Texas barbecue restaurants to eat pulled pork and beef brisket.

That being said, I am not averse to trying vegetarian and vegan food, having eaten the McDonald’s McPlant, Burger King Vegan Royale and KFC vegan burger, as well as the vegan sausage roll from Greggs.

However, I’ve always found some of the products to be a bit hit-and-miss, with some lacking sufficient flavour, others having a taste and feeling which can be rubbery or overly chewy and some just not tasting very nice.

With new technology and a range of vegan-friendly flavouring now out there, products like the VGN Rib are out there for people like myself to try, either through curiosity or as a way of adding a bit of vegan/vegetarian flavour to their diet.

I took the opportunity to try the VGN Rib and see if it is as good as it’s being touted by VGN Boulevard in Stourbridge and people who have tried it.

At first glance, it looks like a larger version of the McRib, measuring seven inches long and with a thick bread bun encasing the rib-style patty.

It also smells like a pork-style sandwich, with a rich aroma, and the barbecue sauce adds a zing to the smell.

Taking the plunge and, indeed, a bite, I was struck immediately by the smokiness of the sauce and a smooth texture of the rib, not overly chewy and mixing well with the bread, with the onions adding a nice crunchy feel.

Each bite brings a nice taste, with the seasoning adding rich flavour, and it went down really well, being a pleasurable meal which would be filling on its own, but would also go well with fries and a soft drink.

You can see why VGN Boulevard are getting rave reviews for their food when they come up with concepts such as this, with my dessert of ice cream made from rice a nice way to end the meal.

If you have never been sure about trying vegan food, give the VGN Rib a go for starters. You might be surprised.

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