Geltor Expands Into Hair Care With Launch Of NuColl Biodesigned Vegan Collagen


NuColl is a vegan collagen offering an animal-free alternative to traditional animal-derived collagens for hair care. Made with fermentation, it offers a sustainable alternative to conventional collagens, ideal for hair styling and manageability, suitable for all hair types.


NuColl improves hair smoothness, frizz and volume control, curl definition, and split-end mending. Evaluated and studied across a variety of hair types, NuColl it touted to provide optimal performance on textured hair. Odorless and colorless, NuColl is easy to formulate in a range of hair applications and formats.


NuColl is manufactured using a proprietary precision fermentation process with consciously sourced, plant-based inputs. Compared to traditional marine collagen, NuColl delivers superior purity, quality and consistency, with a traceable and transparent supply chain. Geltor offers commercial-scale volumes in powder form to reliably meet the demand of beauty and personal care customers of all sizes on global basis.


Biodesigned in California, NuColl is certified vegan, cruelty-free, Halal and non-GMO, as well as certified readily biodegradable and USDA BioPreferred. NuColl meets strict clean beauty standards. 




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