A new vision for a sustainable tourism sector takes root at Lake Tahoe

Andy Chapman

This opinion column was submitted by Andy Chapman, Travel North Tahoe Nevada.

A new vision — one that emphasizes sustainability and inclusiveness — is establishing strong roots among leaders of the visitor-driven economic sectors at Lake Tahoe.

And it’s not just Lake Tahoe that’s pledging itself to the new paradigm. When leading content creators, bloggers, photographers and marketers from around the nation joined with us at Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village for the 2022 Outdoor Media Summit in late October, participants were eager to share the insights developed by destinations across the globe that have launched strategies to create a strong, sustainable and inclusive travel industry.

During the three-day summit sponsored by Travel North Tahoe Nevada, more than 150 media experts from across the nation discussed best practices to engage their armies of social-media followers and speak directly to government leaders about reduction of the environmental impact of outdoor recreation. While several conference sessions focused specifically on tactics to reduce the pollution of waste plastic, participants reminded us that sustainable outdoor recreation involves numerous actions, great and small, that make a significant difference.

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