DPR Construction | Sustainable Data Centers and What’s Next

Denis: Data is key. I believe as architects, we want to be as involved in the embodied carbon, as with operational, as possible. Using the best tools available for that. We have to know also that today we are here with Equinix, but not all clients, data center operators, are at the same level at all. We need to be able to [show them] how they can get situated with what’s there already and what’s coming to them, which they may not know about entirely yet or cannot fully grasp because it’s new or because it’s complicated. That’s what we’re trying to do. Integration of disciplines.

Ryan: I want to thank all of you for being here today and our viewers for listening in. It’s been an incredible journey here to talk about the transition that’s happening in sustainable data center spaces and really how we all play collective part in that. I think some of the things that we learned the most is that it takes collaboration, early collaboration from all of us. It takes efficient tools and resources. It takes transparency behind the data that we’re getting and access to that. And it takes all of us working together and thinking through the entire lifecycle of the project and how we move manufacturers forward, how we move the design teams forward, how we move contractors forward. Ultimately, how we influence and provide support for our owners to continue to develop more sustainable data spaces.

The challenge here is for each of you and the viewer audience here to think about how you can go back to your own organizations and drive further commitment. Also you can think about the way data centers connect in your everyday life, the resources that they provide, the connection that it gives us, the access to data and the efficiency that that’s driven. Collectively thinking about the decisions that you make, the behaviors that you take every day, and how that drives change down the line. Ultimately that is for us to create a healthier built environment for people and the planet.

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