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IMPT, the blockchain-based carbon-offsetting ecosystem, has unveiled its Retail Partnership Network, offering retailers incentives and customer rewards that can be converted into carbon credits, thus contributing to the reduction of global carbon emissions. The network provides an opportunity for leading global retail brands to partner with IMPT, becoming part of the planet’s loyalty program and showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility. Through IMPT’s platform and mobile apps, businesses can sign up to become partner-listed retailers, gaining access to various rewards, including commissions on IMPT purchases, participation in global events, and the ability to earn additional rewards by referring new retail partners.

The IMPT Retail Partnership Network welcomes anyone interested in becoming a leadership partner, country partner, or area partner. These partnerships come with benefits such as commissions on IMPT purchases and the sale of IMPT merchandise in each region, as well as the chance to earn further rewards by referring new retail partners to the network.

Studies have demonstrated that a significant majority of customers (84%) are likely to distance themselves from brands or companies with poor environmental practices, while more than half (55%) of consumers are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly brands. Through the Retail Partnership Network, customers of IMPT-listed brands can earn rewards that can be converted into carbon credits, allowing them to shop and support the environment simultaneously. The signup process for retailers involves completing an online form, downloading the IMPT app, and enabling the use of bar-code receipt payments. IMPT’s app-based system aids retailers in tracking shopping activities within their stores.

Denis Creighton, CEO of IMPT, stated, “By partnering with IMPT, socially conscious businesses worldwide can offer their customers sustainable rewards when they shop with an IMPT-associated retailer. Our goal is to connect with retailers of all sizes, including clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, dentists, spas, hotels, contractors, gyms, and many more. IMPT’s long-term mission is to promote sustainable living while ensuring a similar lifestyle, and I believe that making small adaptable changes that people can incorporate into everyday living is the best way to achieve this. This is the utility of IMPT and the planet’s loyalty program.”

Brick-and-mortar retail businesses can also benefit from the IMPT Retail Partnership Network by enabling customers to scan their unique codes at the point of sale, generating carbon credit rewards and bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences. This opportunity allows people to engage with blockchain technology in a practical and user-friendly manner. Retailers can monitor and validate all rewards earned from online and offline purchases through a dashboard in their account.

Creighton added, “By joining the IMPT Retail Partnership Network, brands without their own loyalty program can quickly implement one and establish stronger ties than ever with their customer network, while simultaneously building a sustainable retail strategy that positively impacts the planet. IMPT is working to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, and this program is a key element of that.”

With the recent launch of its retail shopping platform, which empowers consumers to acquire and retire carbon credits while shopping, the introduction of the IMPT Retail Partnership Network represents the next step for IMPT in its journey towards achieving global sustainable development. By leveraging the shopping platform alongside the rollout of the Partnership Network, IMPT urges consumers and larger retailers to consider how they can reduce their carbon footprint by shopping consciously and adopting new technologies. Through sustainable partnerships, retailers can conduct business as usual while actively contributing to global sustainability in practical and commendable ways.

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