Vegan lentil and mushroom burger for a plant-based

With the love of burgers spanning countries and cultures, nobody should be left out of this versatile sandwich. If you’re following a vegan or vegetarian meal, it can be hard to find even just plant-based burger patties that taste of anything. We present you with this vegan lentil and mushroom burger recipe for that vegetarian burger to rule them all. Vegans and meat-lovers alike can enjoy this meal, whether they have bean meatless for years or even just trying to cut down a little bit.

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Vegan lentil and mushroom burger tips

These lentil and mushroom burger patties are very well seasoned and have that texture you’re looking for, especially when you give them some love on the grill. The avocado salsa or guacamole is a fresh and hearty condiment that can also be made spicy by adding some jalapeño peppers which can also be enjoyed with nachos. Serve your delicious mushroom and lentil burgers with some fresh salads or golden brown homemade sweet potato fries. Did you know that you can also make avocado fries?

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just want a healthy plant-based weeknight meal, you need to try this vegan lentil and mushroom burger.

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