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McDonalds France introduces reusable cups and containers, chooses the eco-friendly path

Paris: In a move to be more sustainable, the American fast-food chain McDonalds has introduced reusable cups and containers. The popular burger place is now trying to comply with local laws.

A report on yankodesign.com said that the new tableware is made of Tritan, a BPA-free plastic resin similar to glass and ceramic in hardness and transparency. The material is known to preserve the taste and aroma of the food.

McDonald’s France has been working with Elium Studio for two years to develop a range of tableware that can be reused and washed after every use. “While matching the aesthetic of its signature packaging, the containers must also be highly durable and complimentary to the tasting experience,” said a report in Hyberbeast. The new tableware is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Even the french fry containers and condiment holders are now eco-friendly.

A Twitter user said they absolutely love the new design. French President Emmanuel Macron further reposted the tweet. He also wrote, “The anti-waste law is not just the end of plastic straws. Look around you: in France, changes are at work to change our consumption patterns and reduce our waste. We are pushing to do it globally. Let’s change the situation!”

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TTD launches 10 eco-friendly electric buses

Tirumala: TTD chairman YV Subba Reddy along with executive officer AV Dharma Reddy on Monday launched ten eco-friendly buses in Tirumala for providing free transport to pilgrims.

The e-buses will replace the diesel buses ‘Dharm Ratha’ plying in Tirumala for ferrying devotees, so as to reduce emission level on the holy hills to protect its environment.

Speaking to the media, the chairman said, M/s Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd., Hyderabad has come forward to donate 10 electric buses to TTD to operate as free buses for internal conveyance of pilgrims in Tirumala.

The cost of each e-bus is Rs.1.80 crore (total 10 buses cost Rs 18 crore ).

He said the motto is to protect the sanctity and serenity of Tirumala hills by reducing vehicular pollution.

The TTD Board, a couple of years ago resolved to replace the diesel vehicles with e-vehicles in a phased manner. In Phase-1, 35 e-cars (TATA Nexon) are introduced in Tirumala for the official use of TTD officers, The e-vehicles were procured from M/s CESL, JV company of PSUs under ministry of power, GOI on dry lease basis (without driver).

Later upon the request of TTD, APSRTC also now operates 64 e-buses in Tirumala-Tirupati ghat roads. TTD will establish charging stations at its workshop, Tirumala and the same will be completed by April 15 and M/s Olectra will provide training to the TTD drivers to operate the e-buses. “We are contemplating to replace the existing taxis with e-vehicles and soon Tirumala will be made environment friendly free from pollution,” he asserted.

After performing pujas to the fleet of e-buses, the officials were taken for a drive.

Olectra CMD KV Pradeep, TTD chief engineer Nageswara Rao and others were present.

It may be noted here that TTD already banned plastic in Tirumala and initiated a strict enforcement of the ban which saw no plastic items including water bottles in Tirumala for the past one year, as part TTD efforts to make Tirumala pollution free.

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20% Off W&P Reusable Food Containers

Yep, it’s time to say goodbye to single-use plastic utensils and plastic straws for good. Anytime you’re bringing food with you outside of the house, you’ll want to carry around W&P’s cute cutlery in its travel-safe silicone case, too. And while the brand is offering crazy discounts, you may also want to order the food-grade stainless steel straws or dreamy matcha whisk, too.

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WATCH | From greens to browns: Burkina Faso’s eco-friendly golf course

  • Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou Golf Club is different in that there aren’t any manicured lawns, instead, its fairways are pure earth and stones.
  • The golf balls do not move as well as they do on grass, but this adds to the sporting challenge.
  • Burkina Faso suffers heavy water constraints, and drought and desertification is expected to accelerate.
  • For climate change news and analysis, go to News24 Climate Future.

When Burkina Faso makes the headlines these days, it’s usually because of turmoil or suffering – its jihadist insurgency, repeated military coups or grinding poverty.

But in one intriguing aspect, the landlocked Sahel country is at the forefront: its sole golf club is a pioneer in bringing water conservation to this thirstiest of sports.

Founded in 1975, the Ouagadougou Golf Club boasts an 18-hole and two nine-hole courses – all certified by the French golf federation.

Visitors to the club, lying amid buildings on the outskirts of the Burkinabe capital, will find the courses a tawny colour, the natural tint of the site.

Here, there are no greens but “browns” and the fairways comprise earth, stones and sinewy shrubs rather than manicured lawns.

READ | ‘Vampiric’ water use leading to ‘imminent’ global crisis, UN warns

Players may well have to contend with a passing herd of goats, which can find themselves vulnerable if a wayward golfer hooks or slices a shot.

“Water is a very rare resource in Burkina Faso,” said Salif Samake, the club’s president, in an interview ahead of a UN conference on water opening in New York on Wednesday.

“Here we play golf in a natural setting… What we have here is a model that can be exported to other countries.”

Burkina Faso already suffers heavy water constraints and lies in a region where drought and desertification are likely to accelerate under climate change, researchers say.

To water a top-class 18-hole golf course takes an average of 5 000 cubic metres per day – equivalent to the daily consumption of a town of 12 000 people.

Sprinkler needs are particularly acute in desert settings.

There is the obvious loss from evaporation, but also the sustainability of the water itself – it may have been drawn from aquifers, rather than rivers, which can take hundreds of years to recharge.

Hitting the brown

Ouagadougou’s “browns” comprise sand that is bonded with old motor oil to provide a level if rather crumbly surface.

“The ball doesn’t roll as well (as on grass) and yes, putting is a bit more complicated,” Samake conceded.

“You do have to rake it (the brown) to remove the small stones, because if the ball hits one, it can bounce off in any direction,” he said.

But that, says the club, is part of what makes it fun and an exceptional challenge for even experienced golfers.

Ouagadougou resident Nathanael Congo, a newcomer to golf, was looking for balls that he had shot off into the undergrowth.

“It’s all part of the sport, it’s part of what makes the Ouagadougou course exceptional,” he said.

WATCH | Acid mine drainage purified into drinkable water for South Africans

Congo said he at first baulked at taking up golf.

“Most Burkinabe think that it’s a sport that’s reserved for a certain category of person,” he said.

Membership fees alone cost 250 000 CFA francs ($400) annually – a fraction of the cost of a club in the capital of a rich country, but a hefty tag in a country that ranks 184th out of 191 nations in the UN’s Human Development Index.

Rustic origins

The golf club’s origins date back more than half a century, to the time when the area “was a village, with people growing crops and raising cattle,” said the director of sports, Abdou Tapsoba.

It was his father, he says, who introduced golf to Ouagadougou after taking up the sport while in the French army following World War II.

Villagers whose land was taken over by the club found jobs tending the courses, then became caddies and, quite often, turned into exceptional golfers in their own right, Tapsoba said.

But one family remains a holdout – the Diallos, a clan of Fulani cattle herders who say they have lived in the area for 70 years.

Their home is on land adjoining the fifth and 10th hole and is regularly bombarded by ill-struck golf balls.

Herder Omar Diallo said he had no complaints about the hazard.

He said he was more worried about the threat posed to his land from property speculators, as Ouagadougou spreads out.

“It’s hard to find pasture for the cattle – you have to take them far,” he said. “We don’t know we will be able to stay here when tomorrow comes.”

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ADB proposes ‘roadmap’ to make Peshawar eco-friendly – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has carried out a study that led to the preparation of a ‘Climate Investment Roadmap’ for Peshawar to address the effects of climate change surrounding the city.

The roadmap has been developed under the technical assistance programme of ADB, aimed at supporting Asian cities in their efforts to ensure an eco-friendly atmosphere.

The Peshawar roadmap has a strategic focus on Green House Gas (GHG) reduction and resilience featuring measures that would improve the quality of life for those residing and would also enhance the attraction of Peshawar including historical places, according to the document made public by the ADB.

The roadmap comprises three core components including multi-year programmes that can be financed with a combination of city, public sector and private climate-focused financing; development of a City Climate Dashboard (CCD) and City Climate Committee (CCC).

In the first phase, the investment plan proposes $100 million for greenways prioritising worst urban flooding and transport disruption; $80m for green energy to save energy through photovoltaic (PV) government building through public-private partnership; $200m for green transport for low-carbon and creating additional capacity and feeders involving public-private partnership; and $200m for water and watershed management and peri-urban agriculture and smart agriculture.

The investment for the priority programmes being the Peshawar renewable energy and energy efficiency in the second phase involves $100m for greenways; $80m for green energy; $100m for green transport; and $200m for water and watershed management, and peri-urban agriculture.

A significant fraction of climate financing is anticipated to be sourced from the private and institutional sectors through the international and national capital markets. The total carbon emissions of the Peshawar district till 2030 are expected to be around 11.76 million tons. Of these emissions, the energy sector contributes zero emissions, whereas the transport sector is on the top of all other sectors with 6.98m tons (59.3% of overall emissions) of GHG emissions in Peshawar. The agriculture and livestock sector ranks second, with 4.25m tons (36.1% of overall emissions), while the waste sector emits 0.53m tons (4.6% of overall emissions).

These actions include the reduction of GHG emissions in the transport sector by adopting public transport, improv­ements of roads, replacement of 30 per cent vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs), adopting climate-friendly agriculture practices along with urban forestation.

Published in Dawn, March 26th, 2023

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Katie Holmes looks stylish wearing a pair of eco-friendly sneakers around NYC

Katie Holmes looked as stylish as ever during her recent outing in New York City. The Hollywood star was spotted on Thursday taking a stroll in Manhattan, seemingly trying to go incognito, wearing a blue navy baseball cap.

EXC Katie Holmes©GrosbyGroup

The actress showed off her street style and waved to the paparazzi, stepping out in a green puffer quilted jacket, paired with a white crewneck shirt and sweater to keep herself warm. She also wore dark denim pants and completed the look with a pair of $800 white sneakers by Chloé, which are made from recycled-mesh, adorned with stitched detailing.


Katie was recently photographed changing up her wardrobe with more colorful options, as she is usually wearing all-black outfits. The actress looked casual and chic wearing a pale yellow suit while running some errands around the city.

The colorful attire included baggy pants, paired with a long blazer and a sheer white top. Katie completed the look with beige pointy-toed shoes and a black handbag. She also rocked a soft makeup look and wore minimal jewelry.

EXCLUSIVE Suri Cruise sigue los pasos de su madre en materia de moda cuando sale a hacer compras en NYC©GrosbyGroup

It seems Katie’s passion for fashion has influenced her 16-year-old daughter Suri Cruise, who is reportedly applying to multiple universities, in hopes of pursuing a successful career in the fashion industry.

According to The Daily Mail, a close source to the celebrity family revealed that Suri was narrowing her focus on New York-based schools. “Suri is applying to schools all over the place. (Katie) really does want her to stay in New York so they can be close to each other,” said the source.

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Going the Eco-friendly way towards sustainability

WHENEVER property developer Eco World Development Group Bhd embarks on a development, it strives to incorporate sustainability practices within those projects.

When the group first started in 2013, executive director, deputy president and deputy chief executive officer Liew Tian Xiong says the company adopted six of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals.

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Mother Nature’s Cleaning: The Highest Rated Eco-Friendly Cleaners in the Bay Area – World News Report

Mother Nature’s Cleaning has been providing eco-friendly cleaning services since 2009. The company prides itself on using all-natural, non-toxic products that are safe for customers and the environment. Their highly trained technicians use hot water extraction systems to eliminate allergens and extend the life of carpets, upholstery, and rugs.

Mother Nature’s Cleaning, a Bay Area-based cleaning company, proudly offers exceptional eco-friendly cleaning services for homes and businesses. Since 2009, the company has been providing top-notch carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and rug washing services using all-natural, non-toxic products that are safe for customers and the environment.

The company’s highly trained technicians, led by David, Andrea, Thomas, Gustavo, Kevin, and Isabel, are committed to providing outstanding customer service and delivering the best possible results. They use hot water extraction systems that eliminate allergens, providing customers with a cleaner, safer environment for their loved ones while extending the life of their items.

“We’ve used Mother Nature’s Cleaning for several years and have always been very happy with the results and the level of service. I appreciate cleaning the carpets and not worrying about toxic chemicals.” – Linda A.

Mother Nature’s Cleaning takes pride in using only the methods recommended by carpet and upholstery manufacturers, along with safe products, to protect the health of their customers and the environment. With up-front pricing, flexible scheduling, and exceptional technicians, the company ensures an experience that is smooth, comfortable, and thorough.

Mother Nature’s Cleaning also offers services such as mattress cleaning, pet urine/odor removal, stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, and auto, RV, and boat cleaning.

“I was thrilled with their carpet cleaning and would use them again. The office responded to my calls (I had to reschedule), and the technician was efficient, clean, and polite. I highly recommend them.” – Jean H.

About Mother Nature’s Cleaning

Mother Nature’s Cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning company based in Marin County, CA. Since 2009, the company has provided exceptional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and rug washing services to homes and businesses in San Francisco, San Rafael, Belvedere Tiburon, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Novato, and surrounding areas.

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