Explorer Chai Starter Pack, 4 2oz Bottles, Organic & Fair-Trade Tea & Spices


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Available in Four Varieties: Classic Masala Chai (45mg caffeine), Dirty Masala Chai (90mg caffeine), Sunset Chamomile Chai (caffeine-free)and Golden Turmeric Chai (caffeine-free)
Easy To Make: simply mix 2ox of Chai Concentrate with 6oz of milk (hot or cold) for the perfect chai at home
Premium Ingredients: we source 100% organic, fair-trade tea and spices to create these unique concentrates that provide a premium chai experience
Classic Spiced Chai: The Classic Spiced Chai is an organic brew inspired by Indian Masala Chai. It has a soft profile, with the spices balanced by the light sweetness of honey. Plus, the touch of caffeine can be just the nudge you need to get through to the evening
Dirty Spiced Chai: An addictive concoction that combined Explorer’s Classic Spiced Chai with their cold brew coffee concentrate to provide the most delicious – and convenient – way to make a Dirty Chai Latte at home, no machinery required. It’s an incredible low-caffeine coffee alternative for those looking to reduce their coffee intake but not cut it out all together.
Sunset Chamomile: This unique naturally caffeine-free botanical is Explorer’s most unique contribution – the chamomile base gives a delicious floral profile, while the complexity of the spices rounds it out and gives the classic chai spice taste. Not to be missed!
Golden Turmeric: This antioxidant-rich blend is also naturally caffeine-free and inspired by the golden latte. The organic turmeric and ginger are complemented by the light sweetness of honey and cinnamon, but the natural healing properties of the ingredients makes saying no to this drink impossible.


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