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Kericho Gold, founded in 2002, pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment and innovation that is embedded in our values; philosophy; and approach to harvesting and crafting our teas. We strive to enhance & inspire everyone our company touches from our clients; farmers; and obsessed customers; by providing the best quality ingredients and the best variety of teas on the market. Kericho Gold is a special blend of fine teas from some of the best tea plantations in Kenya, which have been carefully selected by our expert Tea Tasters for the richness in their taste, flavor and aroma. Each week our Tasters painstakingly review the quality of these teas to ensure that high standards are maintained, guaranteeing you a perfect cup of tea every time.
✔ Improves Immune System
✔Calming and Caffeine free
✔No Preservatives
✔Fairtrade Standard
✔Enveloped String & Tag teabags
✔20 Kericho Gold Detox Teabags
Use 1 Perfect Packet of Kericho Gold Detox Tea; Brew 16 oz of 95℃/200℉ Water For Hot Tea or 10 oz for Iced; Steep for 3-5 minutes; Drink Hot or Top With Ice For Iced Tea. Sip And Enjoy.
RESTART & RESTORE – Pick Up A Pack Today
FRESH LEMON GRASS & CARDAMON: Calling all Detox Tea lovers, our Kericho Gold revitalizing Herbal Tea is infused with a supreme combination of Cardamom, Fennel, Nettle, Lemon Grass, Aniseed, Coriander Mint Leaves and Fresh Ginger to purify and rejuvenate with every cup brewed. This refreshing blend has a Citrusy lemongrass flavour with smooth ginger and a mild herbal note – Grab a box and Detox away!
HYDRATING & DETOXIFYING: Made with a traditional blend of ingredients to detox the system, each individually crafted tea bag is packed with a unique flavour palette & loaded with powerful antioxidants and give you the perfect morning feel good feeling!
BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Due to the nature of the Kenyan equatorial climate and volcanic soil in which Kericho Gold’s tea is grown is rich in antioxidants and essential for a healthy balanced lifestyle.
TEA WITH ATTITUDE: Start your day off with an energizing, revitalizing blend of Kericho Gold Detox Cure Drink. Sourced with the freshest top quality Cardamom Ginger; Fresh Fennel Seeds; and Ginger Tea, Kericho Gold gives you distinct radiant colour and aromatic flavour with every cup brewed. We will have you recovering and hydrating to Restart and Restore your days.


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