Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Decaf Coffee, 3.53 oz Organic FairTrade Award-Winning House Blend Kosher Decaffeinated


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Decaffeinated Organic Instant coffee in jar. Net 3.5oz/100g. Mount Hagen Organic Decaf Instant Coffee in Jar is perfect for those that love coffee but don’t want the caffeine. Mount Hagen uses a patented process involving just water and carbon dioxide to extract virtually all of the caffeine without removing the rich aroma and full-bodied taste. This freeze-dried instant coffee is made from Organic, Fairtrade, 100% Arabica coffee beans. The beans are shade grown at higher elevations which produces a naturally flavorful, yet mild taste. This coffee has special appeal for those interested in organic, fair-trade, decaffeinated coffee with the convenience of an instant. It’s great for travelers, campers, students, and small households. Mount Hagen’s goal is to create the perfect coffee – which is far more than a matter of taste! Nothing but fresh Arabica beans from the best high-altitude regions go into Mount Hagen coffee. These beans are procured exclusively from their country of origin and are ecologically cultivated by small-scale farmers under Fairtrade conditions. The beans undergo gentle roasting and refining to select only the finest beans to go into Mount Hagen coffee. Each serving (approximately 2-3 grams) of Mount Hagen Decaf Instant Coffee contains less than 6-9mg of caffeine. One 3.53 oz. jar yields approximately 60 generous cups of delicious coffee. Imported from Europe.
AWARD-WINNING: Mount Hagen consistently tops lists of best instant organic coffees
HOUSE BLEND: Fruity depth of Papua New Guinea combines with nutty subtleness of Peru and warm spice of Honduras in this sophisticated blend
CAFFEINE-FREE: We extract 99.99% of the caffeine, careful to preserve the depth and aroma of our coffee
GLASS JAR: 3.53 ounces of Mount Hagen Decaf coffee for home or office use


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