Laos President praises G77 Summit role in sustainable devel…


Taking the floor at the Havana International Conference Center (HICC), President Sisoulith urged to strengthen the role of solidarity and unity of the bloc to achieve shared goals.

He pointed out that the largest intergovernmental coalition of 134 developing countries, recognized by the United Nations, should promote the reform of the international financial architecture and demand the fulfillment of developed countries´ commitments to the global south´s progress.

Upon his arrival in Havana, President Sisoulith thanks Cuba for its hospitality and stressed Cuba’s commitment to defend the rights of developing countries.

President Sisoulith assured his country is committed to the development of science, technology and South-South cooperation, and encourages the creation of scientific and technological infrastructure as well as the training of national human resources in these areas.

In this effort, he said, we are promoting the exchange of experiences and increasing investment in science, technology and innovation.

He also proposed to strengthen cooperation mechanisms to broaden mutual support between the 134 member nations, and thus guarantee the achievement of tangible progress.

Referring to coercive measures imposed by rich countries on developing nations, President Sisoulith stressed these measures undermine international progress, for which reason he called for the immediate lifting of the hostile and unjust blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for over 60 years.

These sanctions only cause severe damages and negative impacts on the Cuban people and create a greater division between countries.


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