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The Sri Lanka Retailers’ Association (SLRA) is set to host the retail industry’s premier knowledge event, the Sri Lanka Retail Forum 2023, commencing at 9 a.m. on 19 October, at the Shangri-La Hotel Colombo. 

Conducted this year under the theme ‘Sparking success: Reigniting the flame of retail growth’, the forum will explore emerging trends in retail both locally and globally, and explore innovative strategies to enhance retail operations and consumer reach. 

Aiming to inspire and invigorate the Sri Lankan retail industry, the forum will delve into four focus areas, exploring the ‘Status of Retail in Sri Lanka and the Way Forward’, ‘Paving the Path to Success in Organized Retail’, ‘Beyond the Retail Walls, Outside – In’ and ‘Exploring the Tourism – Retail Nexus’. The sessions have been curated to explore key aspects of the retail industry, in order to identify current industry challenges, share innovative best practices, and spotlight key turning points. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from national and international industry leaders, gaining insights on emerging opportunities for Sri Lankan retailers to capitalise on, key challenges that need to be addressed to ensure sustainable growth, as well as leveraging emerging international trends in the local context. 

Session 1 titled ‘The Status of Retail in Sri Lanka and the Way Forward’ will focus on the dynamics of Sri Lanka’s current retail environment, and address aspects such as the rise of the discerning consumer, critical challenges in affordability, the tech-driven evolution of retail efficiency, and looming concerns such as the grey market’s growth and potential customer transitions. The speakers at this session will be Kantar Director/Head Himalee Madurasinghe, Clootrack – Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan President Dr. Rohantha Athukorale, and Omar Khan of Sensei. 

Session 2 titled ‘Paving the Path to Success in Organized Retails’ will focus on exploring the pivotal role of retail as the primary bridge between products and consumers and its potential in improving brand recognition. Speakers at the session will be McKinsey and Company India (Bangalore office) Associate Partner Siddharth Shrotriya, and Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd. Chairperson and Managing Director Hajar Alafifi. 

A panel discussion comprising Nestlé Lanka PLC Managing Director Bernhard Stefan, Daraz Sri Lanka Managing Director Bart van Dijk, and PepperCube Consultants Chief Insights Officer/Executive Director Crystal Nathan, will follow. 

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